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A brand new spell for Wizard101's birthday

Jan 08, 2010
Hey everyone! I have recently been thinking about a cool new spell that could be created and released on the day of Wizard101's birthday in some way (drop, pack, reward, crowns, etc.). I would love to hear suggestions about changes in amount of pips, accuracy, damage, etc., but I really hope you like my description of the animation! Please let me know what you think. I've always wanted to have a spell in the game, and I want to know if other wizards like it too!

Spell Name: Confetti Cannon

School: Balance

Pips: 8

Accuracy: 50%

Description: Deals 800-1200 damage to initial target. Deals 500 damage to all targets including initial target after the first attack (An AoE attack similar to the Sun Serpent). At the end of the AoE attack, a single stun as well as a Black Mantle is placed on every enemy.

Cast: The animation starts with a bunch of the Confetti Cannon housing items appearing in a big circle popping up one by one starting with the area in front of the caster going clockwise. At the end of them popping up, they have made the outline of a circle. Then, they all tilt in towards the center slightly and starting with the tiny confetti launcher in front of the caster, they begin firing off one by one in a clockwise circle for three full rotations around. During these three rotations, the confetti will start building up and coming together in the middle to form a pirate-ship-like cannon made entirely out of colorful confetti. (The tiny housing item cannons remain in a circle for the duration of the animation until the end) The large cannon starts out with the barrel pointing straight up, and then it falls down into place pointing directly at whichever of your targets you selected. A large match will appear above a confetti wick and light the fuse. When the cannon goes off, a giant explosion of confetti is fired at the target. At the same time the confetti shot is fired, the cannon dissipates and the confetti out of which it is made flutters down to the ground. Once the cloud of confetti hits the ground, it “pushes” all the confetti housing items over so that they all point towards all of your enemies (whether there be one or four they will always point at all four spots), once the tiny confetti cannons fall over and hit the ground, they fire a little spew of confetti at all opponents thus dealing the 500 damage to all enemies as described above. The animation will then disappear and a stun as well as a -55% accuracy Black Mantle will appear on all enemies before the turn is over.