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7x3 coins!

Aug 05, 2009
So basically There are 28 coins, 3 for each school. One for each school can be bought from zeke for 7,,000 thousand gold.Another each schools come from bosses in the spiral. The rest come from sidequests or sometimes randomy appear in the quest rewards for dungeons. When you have all of them, you can go to zeke. With one full set you can buy: Any pack in the crowns shop(except mega snack pack), a saving bar,10,000 gold, a random full gear set. A saving bar is to save this collection so you can get better rewards.With 2 sets you can buy: Any 3packs or one mega snack pack,50,000 gold, a savings bar, one crown gear item under 2,000 crowns, or a random full gear set thats better( this is somehting where you get a random athame, robe, shoes, hat, ring, Etc.).With 3 sets you can buy: a free henchman for a week pass, a savings bar,60,000 gold, a crown item under 5,000, and kt or wc house.And with 10: Any crowns item, an ultimate house, 5 mega snack packs, 10 of any pack except mega snack pack,150,000 gold, 10,000 crowns, a henchman month pass, or a spirl house. A spiral house is a giant house that has gh, wc, kt, ms, and ds (not mb) castls all connected and giant outsides. Please comment!

Feb 01, 2010
Jun 04, 2009
Aug 13, 2009