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4 things.

Aug 16, 2012
Dugan GoldWard
Professor Falmea
1 May 2018

1. A way to get rid of quests or have another tab within the quests tab. Like cards and treasure cards. You could send the ones to do later in the other tab and if you dont want to ever do it, delete it.
2. Another wizard spot. I find it odd that you cant have 7 wizards, One for each element. As on another account i beat the game with everything but death I dont want to delete a wizard or use a different account.
3. A app. It can send you notifications when pets hatch, friends send messages, or plants have needs or are ready to harvest.
4. PVP Improrvement. Players who dont want to have treasure cards in their duel will face people not using them also. Faster matchmaking. When searching it will give time finding people in your skill level, then if you choose to it will go out farther. Higher or lower by a little. Then higher or lower more and more.

Thank you for reading. Dugan.