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4 Oldies but goodies

Nov 22, 2008
These are some olds ideas that are good ones.
Please give a or

A place for people to meet and have their castles side-by-side.
Special houses maybe, maybe not.
Streets? Surely
Parks? Depends on how much you payed to move there
People you know? If you moved into a friend's neighborhood
Weather (Server Generated)
Clouds? If you at the right house
Sun? If its a day castle not a night castle
Rain? At the Storm House, often
Temp control? No, sadly
A section of area(Not a questing area) for wizards to swim.
Pool? Possibly
Lake? Probably not
River? Unlikely
Ocean? No
Tournaments(Made by server)
Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Tournaments that are 1v1 or team tournaments. (When you train together long enough as a group you will be given a team name to be in team tournaments with and be known in tournaments by.) The server creates a tournament and keeps matches timed and at the end of time, or when a team wins, he team with the least puppets wins. If its a tie all the teams for that bracket redo their matches Except against other teams then the ones they just faced.

May 21, 2011
awesome idea! i reckon with the neighborhood one you could post letters to neighbors!

and you can create neighborhoods at the beginning, so you buy a plot of land, add in streets trees bushes and make it how you please. then others come and move in and the houses would be in these of what world: wizard city krok etc. then they can get the base house and put it in their plot then they put together the inside, and there is a back yard because only the owner of the street can decorate the outside

one the house is done and you have put in maybe a tree and a pool in your backyard, you can start to decorate your house like you usually would.

i reckon that would be fun