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2 school ideas: Part 1

Jan 15, 2011
I came up with 2 new schools! They are opposites of each other.
The schools are: Space and Time.
they form a loop with balance. (you know, the other 2 loops are life, myth, death and ice, fire, storm. don't say they are triangles. i know that!)

Some spells for space:
lvl 1: comet. a comet crashes to target 80-100 damage 80% accuracy 1 pip
lvl 5: clockwork shield. a shield for time. -80% next time damage spell. 100% accuracy 0 pips
lvl 10: coo coo clock. coo-coo clock appears and insane bird flies out and attacks enemy. 175-250 damage. 80% accuracy 2 pips (credit to socialstudierox for giving me the idea)
lvl 16: alien: UFO decends onto the battlefield an alien comes out and shoots target with a laser 300 damage. 80% accuracy. 3 pips
lvl 22: milky way. white cloud thing that looks like the milky way comes down and engulfs all enemies. 200-250 damage. 80% accuracy 3 pips
lvl 26: meteor belt. it is that thing like sancuary for life and doom and gloom thing for death. this one is gray and like how myth drops eyes, this drops meteors.
33: constellation: a cinstellation (what do you think the shape should be?) comes out and gives the castor 600 hp. 80% accuracy 4 pips
42: black hole. a black hole appears and shoots out UFOs, meteors, comets, etc. at the enemies. 600-800 damage. 5 pips.
minion gained at level 18:unknown being. green alien comes to serve as minion. Has XX health. the health depends on pips. one pip=100 health 10 pips=1000 health
wand spells level 5+ spell: space ire: little purple explosion. 50 damage. 100% accuracy.
space fury: 100 damage. bigger explosion on target. 100% accuracy.

I will post Time later. this takes alot of time to write.

(modified to fit comments)

Dec 02, 2010
Let me say, I agree with the school idea. Balance needs a loop, but the damage is WAY to high. 900 damage at 22? Level 58 spells don't do that much. Graphics sound cool though. And here are some time spells:
level one-Cookoo clock-60-110 damge-80%-cookoo clock appers and bird pops out and hits enemy.

next level-clock face-140-190 damage-80%-grand father clock appears and hands(hour and minuite hands) shoot out and hot target

next level-bell toll-200-270-80%-two clocktower bells appear and chime three times and on third chime damage appears.
next leve-outer shield- -70% to next space and balance attack-100%

next level-speed up- causes enemy to have less time to choose spell
slow down- lets you have more time to choose spell

next level-hourglass-300-380 to all enemies- 80%- hourglass appears and turns over and when empty enemie recieves damage

next levels- still thinking- you decide :D

Aug 03, 2009
nice ideas, but sorry to say us Sorcerers have stolen Solar Flare and dubbed it "Power Nova."

Feb 18, 2010
Levvel 22 spell is way too ovverpowered, at just level 22 they own a spell stronger that frost giant or scarecrow which ice and death dont attain till level 48, that spell needs some serious fixing.
~ Jonathan ThunderThorn
Legendary Thaumaturge

Nov 16, 2008
:-( what!? any way, i made up a new school 2 its called water. wizard101 can make it any thing they want it 2 bee but i want it 2 be saying water. if they hav ice they kan mak water

Mar 12, 2011
A couple points, you don't mention how many pips those spells take, and some of the higher lvl spells seem to do an enormous amount of damage for the 4 or 5 pips they are supposed to have. And beside that, you seem to have made this group of spells as higher damage output than Storm, which the entire game recognizes as the highest damage output. Making Space so high damage would change alot of game mechanics. I like the idea though, if it was refined I think it would be rather fun to play.

Jul 21, 2009
dude, make a rank two spell thats not a shield like alien.

Alien: alien comes out in center and shoots with laser for 130- 220
80% accuracy
and lower the lvl22 spell down a bit unless it has a bad effect on you like a +50% to next damage spell trap on you or take 450 damage or like 10% cn=hance you do it to you!