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level 100 Spell ideas!

Feb 13, 2009
Balance: Double Cast does 285 damage per pip

Death: Deadly Zombie Does 1000 damage costs 11 pips
Life: Life's Heart heals 400 per pip to all friends
Myth: Headless Horse Does 4000 damage costs 11 pips
Fire: Flaming Cannon ball Does 2000 damage costs 11 pips
Ice: Frozen Werewolf Does 300 per pip
Storm: Thunderstorm Does 400 Per Pip

if you like the spell ideas comment if you like them or if you think there not fair

Jan 17, 2010
I dont know if it was worth answering but....are you serious?

Myth, Storm, and Ice are FAR too OP that you have suggested here. Each of those spells would be like 8k auto....forget putting a number to them lol

Balance doesnt really need another X pip spell and by far its too OP you wrote there and i am a Balance Wizard since my first day playing and it still my main.

Fire is at least 800 more than it should be. Life one i do kinda like but you could go with just 200 per pip and it would still be great after you reach 5 pips at 400 though its a Full Heal. So the rest of it kinda defeats use.

If each of them were say 1/3 what you said here except balance...balance you could make it 125 to 150 per X-11 pips and that would be nice...Maybe call it Blind Justice more like just a Judge upgrade that hits.

Do i think even then they would be added....probably not...but KI does seem to want to 'try' to think outside the box alittle. These are inside the box or just too powerful in general

Dec 24, 2008
i guess they sound like good ideas but the Death spell seems a little weak. the other spells are good though.

Erica ShadowRunner lvl 81 Balance~ over and out

Oct 30, 2011
I would change balance into 1300 damage.Also life should be all friends and enemies take 100 damage to recive +10% to next spell.Death should be 1400 to all enemies.Myth is at least 2500 away from what it should do.Headless horse should do first 100 damage then 1400 damage single enemy.Fire should be 1600 single enemy.Storm should be 185 per pip.Ice 175 per pip.Also the life should also be 4 pips.

Hope this helps.
See ya in the spiral
Tyler Legendfriend lvl 48 necromancer

Feb 24, 2009