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~ Lets Talk Magic II ~

Sep 18, 2010

~ Welcome. I've created this thread because I wanted to share my Spell Ideas as well as read all of yours. In the past I created a thread called "Lets Talk Magic" but because of my OCD I decided I'd create a new one and start over. So without further ado. My Spell Ideas... ~

Rank 11 Storm: 1400 Storm damage to All Enemies + 12% Windstorm.
Rank 11 Ice: 1075-1175 Ice damage to All Enemies + 25% Legion Shield to All Allies.
Rank 11 Fire: 1450-1550 Fire damage to a Single Enemy + Stun.
Rank 11 Balance: 600-700 + 800 Balance damage Overtime to All Enemies over a period of 3 rounds and 10% Bladestorm to All Allies.
Rank 11 Death: 1100-1250 Death damage-swap half into health for Caster to a Single Enemy + 25% Death Damage Globe.
Rank 11 Myth: 1300-1400 Myth damage to all Enemies + Enfeeble on all Enemies.
Nature's Carol;
Rank 11 Life; 675-700 + 500 Life damage Overtime to All Enemies or 850 Healing to All Allies.
Rank XII Death: Lichithus/Ragana ~ 750 Death Damage, Swap Half to Health + Steals 300 Health Over 3 Rounds to a Single Target.
Rank XII Myth: The Archangel ~ 170 Myth Damage + 1200 Myth Damage + 2 Myth ((Seraph)) Minions to a Single Target.
Rank XII Life: Heavenly Radiance ~ Rank 12 ~ 1150 Health Restoration to all Allies + Namaste.
Rank XII Ice: Máni ~ 1000 Ice Damage + 300 Moon Damage to a Single Target.
Rank XII Storm: Atlas ~ 1735 Storm Damage + Astraphobia.
Rank XII Balance: Cataclysm ~ 1350 Balance Damage + Resets Opposing Team’s’ Pips to 2.
Rank XII Fire: Agni ~ 320 Fire Damage + 1280 Fire Damage over 6 Rounds + Removes All Positive Wards to a Single Target.

~ Please tell me what you think of them and also, if you have any ideas please share them with me. I'd love to read them. ~

~ Sincerely, Umbra ShadowHunter...