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101 ideas from an old gammer

Oct 07, 2009
Well first of all I hope they have some new worlds for higher lvls comeing soon.Even something different for lower lvls to.
I think it would be cool to have a continuation of some kind of story line in Grizzleheim.Maybe a new kind of threat?
One thing I liked in wow was the team based capture the flag thing.Maybe have areas with 2 oposing teams that go at each other without the turn-based.People could make or buy(with gold no crowns) wands that would only work in these areas and just go hog wild blasting each other.Have the areas lvl based.And have point system earnings from this that you can save up to get cool gear or something.This would be a good way to meet more people.
One thing I'd like to see is a mailing system where you can send friends offline messages.It would be cool to see different type mail boxes in each world.
One thing that would be good.People who have played Ultima online will know.Still keep the base idea for each world but have instances where you can buy plots of land and build your house from the ground up a little at a time.Depending on what you pay would determine what size plot you get.Have vendors sell recipes for what you would need at an affordable rate and make what you need.This would make crafting more a part of the game and give you something to do if your board.Also maybe even be able to expand on your current house.
Last thing and I know others have said the same thing.Please make the current houses limits on what you can put out bigger.
I'm sure people can expand on this to make it even better for what you would like.These are just a few ideas from an old mmo player.