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Zeke Clothes

Jun 08, 2008
I was wondering if any of the professors might have heard any news as to when Zeke would be getting in his shipment of crown gear that is Higher then the level 35 gear available to us now ?

I'm really in need of a new outfit, i've been wearing lvl 35 clothes for the last 15 lvls, and after many many quests and street fights they are beginning to show signs of wear.

I've tried to get an outfit from Malistare, but he just doesn't seem to understand me when i ask him for a Death Robe, he always gives me robes for other schools.

If Zeke is worried about the bosses trying to take his stuff, tell him don't worry, there are plenty of us wizards that would be glad to escort him to his different locations, and keep the bosses and there little minions away from him and his inventory.

May 21, 2008
It is a good qustion. Zeke has come by my office a few times to speak with me, but with all the influx of new students I haven't had a chance to speak with him yet. I will talk to him shortly and see if a new shipment is planned any time soon.