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Zafaria seems rushed and poorly done

Aug 21, 2009
The programmers seem to have taken every short cut possible without adding elements all the other worlds had. Quests were very repititious having to fight the same creatures over and over again in the same areas which most I've talked to in the game have commented on how lazy the programmers were on this aspect.

Bosses are largely absent, don't cheat much, and don't offer much competition or struggle.

In all the other worlds we would have recieved an extra spell and had an extra quest series to get that spell.

The end dungeon lacks an end boss.

Spell decks drop in the last dungeon over and over again and when you are using such a deck it gets very annoying that when you go to rid the extras you are never quite sure if you are ridding one that set cards up in.

There is a lack of level 70 equipment to replace level 60 equipment with.

There was also a lack dungeons.

The world seems rushed, incomplete, and as such it feels like the programmers were simply lazy and chose to do the bare minimum to get paid.

Aug 14, 2009
I noticed this once ZF came out, it was full of bugs before.