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Zafaria Polymorphs :D

Nov 04, 2013
As a person who LOVES Zafaria, I wish there were polymorphs. After consulting my friends, we've come down to two of them. Here's the 1st one. But before I start, anyone is welcome to take off or add to it, another cool thing would be that it would conform to Male/Female, like Shadow Spells. Here's the first:
Polymorph Zebra, Polymorph into a Zebra for 6 rounds. Health: 2,250 Spells: Myth Blade/Trap, Earthquake, Orthrus, Myth Imp, Earthquake, Medusa, Minotaur, Amplify, Infallible, and the Natural Attack would be 95 Myth Damage per pip there would be 3 or 4 of each spell.

The second one would be:

Polymorph Lion, Polymorph into a Lion for 6 rounds. Health 2,000 Spells Storm Blade/Trap, Triton, Storm Lord, Leviathan, Stormzilla, Tempest, Amplify, Fortify, and the Natural Attack would be 115 Storm Damage per pip there would be 3 or 4 of each spell as well.

My friends and I have based them off of the rank 11 enemies seeing how only they would have the astral spells
If these spells were to be added, that would be the most epic thing (In my Opinion)

Zachary Fire Level 100