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Your Wizards Awesome Backstory?

Feb 28, 2013
You all (or, if you're from the South like I am, All Y'all! LOL!) have no idea how relieved I am to read this post. I'm so glad that others do the same thing. I thought I was completely nuts when people reacted so strangely! This makes me feel much more normal!

Well, maybe a little more normal.

Happy Wizarding!

May 07, 2015
AnonymousTruth1854 on Dec 12, 2015 wrote:
Thank you Carlos, Sun girl and King overlord Leo!

Your stories 100000/10!

Fiona Dreamer lvl 39 magus Thaumaturge
Amber UnicornGarden lvl 10 initiate Theurgist
Annoying Amber lvl 40 Witchy witch

Hopefuly more stories to come! :D)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
your so sweet

May 07, 2015
The Life Of Fryin on Dec 5, 2015 wrote:
Ooh! I got a good one! So it goes like this :
became a wizard!
nice i love it

Dec 29, 2014
Caitlin Griffinrider was found as an infant at the home of an elderly lady named Autumn She was sent to school to learn Equilibrium. She thrived using actual balance magic and enrolled in Ravenwood after doing Semester Abroad. For a long time Caitlin wondered where her origin was, and kept at the chance to find out. She was invited for a reasearch project on Krokotopia about how ancestry affects wizard school. In the tests Caitlin found out she was from Marleybone and Celestia But the question how she got to Wysteria in the first place still nagged at her. Currently she is studying balance magic in Ravenwood, while frequently visiting Marleybne to help the police squad deal with the cat problem. She also studies basic engineering in Celestia. Sherlock Bones has become the father she never had, and she realized that having him was good enough for her. And Autumn is like a grandmother to her and even though she doesn't believe in their magic she visits often. It is rumored that Arthur Wethersfield is secretly her father, which would explain her gift for balance.

Caitlin Griffinrider level 59

Jan 03, 2010
I have two characters but it's probably easier to explain my balance.

Hannah GoldenRiver is actually from Zafaria, as her mother, Scarlett GoldenRiver was one of the Ravenwood students who took a trip there as a young student.
After getting rescued, however, Hannah's mother had magic that was a bit more powerful than the others, and Zafarian Blackback Soldiers needed to keep one wizard to look at their power.
Scarlett volunteered to stay, and the Soldiers did not want her after a few years after draining power.

Scarlett ended up loving the atmosphere in the nicer parts of Zafaria and stayed for a while, until...
Hannah became her daughter, and grew up in the Zafarian atmosphere. Years before her schooling in Wizard City, Hannah was too stubborn to leave although Scarlett needed her to leave before the Soldiers would drain her power too, and convert it badly.

Scarlett was forced to go with Hannah, and Scarlett had to battle the monsters to get to Wizard City, young Hannah terrified and speechless. In her journey, she experienced all sorts of magic, and in Krokotopia was where she spent a few years, right before her enrollment.

But something felt right in Krokotopia. She felt happier and even learned some pointers from the manders. The hot, desert setting didn't affect her.

The final battle in Krokotopia where Scarlett battled to get to Wizard City was a tough one. Hannah tried to help but Scarlett insisted she stayed away. She was forced to watch her mother suffer in the hands of the bosses in the Temple of the Storms. Scarlett would be able to battle these no problem, but she was weak and it was too much for her.

Hannah was left scared but managed to get to Wizard City. A few weeks behind on her schooling, she tried to catch up, and was determined to battle in the Temple of Storms as much as she could for revenge (True story actually, hated Temple of Storms.)

Feedback please, will have a part 2.
Hannah GoldenRiver
Level 56