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Your Stories! (Emergent play)

Jul 21, 2010
When I started this game in 2010 I didn't had any friends I soloed from wizard city until marelybone will little help from people. I meant this wizard called Hunter Frostbane we meant during a 1v1 pvp practice match. So on we became best friends for like 5 years now he helped me quest and I helped with whatever he needed like reagents tc and bosses. Eventually he told me this year that this game is getting boring so he left. I was outstanded and the same time sad.

Jul 29, 2013
Efrembalanceshield on Apr 9, 2015 wrote:
hi your majesty ok my wizard story its a funny one its a short one ok I am a wizard and was in a hurry to get to the new world wintertusk and I did not know at first but I got busy fighting a minion and I had no wand and no manna because I was in a hurry to get to wintertusk.
Winter world

Aug 22, 2013

my amazing experience happened in 2013 when me and one of my irl best friends were playing bane and we had a friend invite her friend. from that one bane time me, my friend and my friends friend became really close and now we all hang out together when we are all online and we now call each other sis (sister) and we get along great! she is lvl 100 and me and my friend are lvl 29 and 31 so she helps us out with quests and getting houses, mounts and tc cards. Love you both Rebecca and Victoria RavenHand

Bailey RainbowFlower