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Your Schools From Best To Worst

Dec 12, 2009
It hits high, you can fix its problems with the right gear
You get health back, and the spells look amazing
You heal, and are a tank
You have tower shield, and tank
You hit high, and have decent health
Really good, and amazing for pvp
Just never had a good experience with them

Jan 17, 2010
Even though I'm fire, I still think life is the best, because it has decent health, the best accuracy, and it heals. Sure, its attacks are pretty weak, but I think there are more pros than cons.
Fire school doesn't have the best accuracy (it doesn't have the worst either,) but it sure is strong. I find fire spells really useful in the event that I'm low on health. I just cast a damage over time spell, and heal while the enemy takes damage over time.
Storm has the lowest accuracy, and it doesn't have the best amount of health either. Its attacks, however, are incredibly powerful, and this can be a boon in tough battles.
Ice has an incredible amount of health, decent accuracy, and tower shield. The attacks are sort of weak, though, but this can be fixed with traps, blades, etc.
Death has really cool looking spells Its accuracy is pretty good, and it can damage and heal at the same time.
Balance is a pretty cool school. It has pretty neat spells, good accuracy, but I don't understand why balance enemies in higher level worlds have weaknesses to myth, life, and death spells.
Okay...I might get hate for this, but I don't really think Myth is a good school. Sure, the spells are sort of cool, but it just feels kind of...well...forced. One thing I have never understood why Myth's weakness is, of all things, STORM. I don't understand why these two are each other's weaknesses. It makes. Zero. Sense. Fire and Ice make sense, Life and Death make sense, but Myth and Storm? Seriously???

Haaaa....sorry, I know that last part was kind of a rant, but thanks for bearing with me, people. Peace out!
-Michelle Summersong, Level 88 Pyromancer

Feb 10, 2010
1) Ice has a lot of health (I'm lvl 51 and have 3,218 health) and have lots of defense. Ice is wizard101 artilary. Though ice attacks may not be the most powerful and the level 58 ice spell is awful Ice can be very useful, especially if you have an ice/life combo.

2) storm has very powerful attacks

3) balance has all kinds of blades and traps that are great. Without my balance blades and traps I wouldn't be able to get my frost giant to do 2,000 damage on every enemy, 4,000 when it criticals.

Aug 11, 2014
May 10, 2011
1.) - I'm playing a death wizard currently, and it is really awesome. Death has decent accuracy and decent attacks. Also, there are some spells where you can drain health from an enemy to give it to yourself, which I think is really helpful.
2.) - I was playing a life wizard before I started my death one, but I quit my life wizard. However, life is a very good school. It has very good healing spells, such as Satyr. It also has decent attacks.
3.) - Balance seems to have good blades, charms and other things. Good spells are weakness, and also a spell where you can increase accuracy, or decrease accuracy on enemies, but I'm not sure what those spells are called. Also, I think the attacks are decent.
4.) - Fire is like storm, powerful, but it does fizzle quite a lot. It doesn't fizzle as much as storm, which is the good thing. It has good attacks, and I've seen many of them in battle used by other wizards.
5.) - Storm is powerful, but it fizzles a lot. I wouldn't recommend storm school if you are an impatient person.
6.) - Ice has great health, but the problem is the attacks don't take too much damage. I also don't recommend this school to impatient people, since it might take a while to defeat enemies with the low attack spells.

?.) - I didn't put myth on the numbered list since I don't really know too much about the myth school, and their attacks, accuracy and health.

Oct 29, 2011
Oct 29, 2011
Sep 20, 2011
Apr 27, 2009
-Played it since 2009, love the AOE and damage over times working well together
-Life drain is great for soloing, dang strong buffs
-Great buffs and versatility
-Tower shield and good overall defense
-Minions are cool, but kind of lackluster because you can't control them AT ALL

Now for a separate ranking of the astral schools!
-Useful buffs that don't take a round to cast
-Useful buffs, but take a round to cast
-Great concept, but doesn't scale with player level and becomes fairly useless later on

Apr 10, 2014
Here is my list of schools from favorite to least favorite.


Here is my description

-My favorite! It is all the schools, witch I like. It has really good blades and shields. Also Balance wizards (me) get resistance in everything, witch is great. We have no weakness, witch is super awesome, but not so great when your against a Balance wizard. We have pretty good damage, and some of our spells do damage of // instead of . (Ex. The Hydra.) Our class is in Krokotopia, so its interesting to have different kinds of spells. That is all I have to say.

-My second best, Storm does incredible damage, and you cant deny that. The accuracy is annoying, and not very good defenses, but overall its a pretty good school.

-It is not all about the healing! Although Life wizards are very good at healing, they've got decent attack people.

-Sort of evil, but powerful too. Taking health from others is a great strategy. Pretty good damage overall. Also feint.

-I know Ice doesn't have great damage, but its still a powerful school. I haven't played with it much.

-I really want all my damage at the same time. Not very experienced in fire, but I know that.

-I really don't know this school well but it doesn't seem all that great.

Thx! Haley SilverFist 28

Oct 08, 2013
Their is no best school. All schools have their strengths and weaknesses. Me being an wizard I have high health and low damage.

Nov 25, 2015
Well In my opinion I finished Wc to Ds so here is how I would rank it.
1.Fire because really there now so bad and kinda like storm but with greater stuff.Also they have more health than storm and have dot attacks.
2.Life:because it heals and has alright attacks opposite of death but still good.
3Death:It heals and comes back is what the cards do.Of course death has decent attacks but later on it kinda gets a little icky you know.
4.Storm:I placed this in the middle because of the amount of cons it has.Storm is a overall striker class but isn't really focused on the other stuff since blades and traps from other schools can knock out a storm.The cons are supposed to be health and accuracy.
5.I might choose myth or life but it really doesn't matter.:Myth is about minions and the ability to make your own team with computer controlled allies.In the later worlds I think it might be tough because really minions don't have that much health as the enemies and are kinda underpowered.
6.Balance is little of everything and the Lvl 42 or what Lvl hydra card you get is elemental.Balance has a lot of cool things like weakness and black mantle.But the thing is balance is better than ice but can be removed with 0 pips from utilities it gets.
7.I put this last on the list for certain purposes.:Ice is about tanking and when it defends it can last long periods.But the downfall is it is weak on attacks.Not just that the health might be good but I mean if you had to powerful storms against two ice.The storms might take it down quickly since later on storm gets more health than usual and can be a little overpowered by the gear it has with the damage in touch.

Enough said I almost took over a page.
Logan Darkwriathlvl51