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Your least favorite and favorite world?

Apr 15, 2017
My least favorite is Marleybone. And my favorite is a tie between MooShu and Zafaria.

I love the design of Zafaria, but MooShu has the best dungeons.

As for Marleybone, I don't like the dungeons or the design. It's still fun though.

Aug 03, 2016
I can't say I "dislike" any but that's not really what you asked - you just asked us to rank the worlds. So, okay. :)

Most favorite: I love Mooshu because of its colors, they are so cheerful, and the music, it is sooo soothing. I also love to use a bird mount and just soar over the landscape and countryside. Thank you KI.

Least favorite: Probably Celestia because of all the broken and messy looking aspects of it. But I have to say I love the water in the game for a similar reason to Mooshu. It's pretty, it's soothing and my wizard likes to 'swim' under water. It's fun just to swim around. After a battle, for instance, there might be a big empty room with no enemies in it :)

The end of Celestia is also more fun but that was where I was a few minutes from the end of the last dungeon and therefore the end of Celestia when daily maintenance shut off the game. *Cry face*

I had spent a small fortune in hench to try to speed it up to get done before the maintenance (when I was a bit in is when I noticed the first pop up about pending maintenance), and to finish it at all. That's all my fault but still. Lol

Jul 16, 2016
I don't have that much experience in the game, so for now, my favorite world is Wysteria and my least favorite world is Celestia!

Wysteria looks so pretty and is simple with a quest storyline which is a great one in my opinion!

I don't like Celestia because of the storyline and the concept of this world is not very interesting to me

Feb 28, 2014
Wysteria is my least favorite. Half of the quests are just walking around and talking to piglets and no storyline dungeons. Marleybone is my second least favorite. It gets boring fighting the same creatures to the end of the world, playing police detective is not my idea of fun and the " Policemen's Ball" quest has to go. My favorite worlds are Khrysalis, Polaris and Mirage. I like the layout, storyline and the humor.

Apr 10, 2013
My least favorite world was Zafaria with a doubt. I quested through Zafaria before they nerfed the number of quests that asked you to collect like 10 items from a mob, it was a nightmare.

My favorite world has probably been Avalon, because it has a medieval feel to it with all the knights, dragons, and royalty. That world in particular made me feel like I could just keep on questing for hours on end without it feeling like a grind.

I'm kinda waiting for like 50% of people to say Dragonspyre was their least favorite world, and I'm not disagreeing merely making a prediction lol.

Jun 19, 2009
My least favourite is MooShu, and my favourite is Mirage.

Nov 08, 2015
Least favorite is Marleybone.

Favorite is Khrysalis.

May 07, 2015
least favorite(s): my least favorite, is krokotopia. its so long and boring, and I hated all the sand. my second least favorite, is celestia. the colors were pretty, but the storyline was boring.

my favorite(s): my third favorite, is dragonspyre, all the dragons and the ghosts, its awesome, in my opinion. my second favorite, is mooshu, all the colors, and the story line, and the music, everything is so pretty and interesting. and my number one favorite is... (drum roll playing) marleybone! the british feel, the characters, the accents, the references, its just awesome!

May 17, 2014
My favourite would have to be Marleybone. It's been like that since I first stumbled into it in like 2013. The music, the atmosphere, the canine residents, the resemblance to England and the references to Sherlock. Its dungeons are among my favorites, and the main villain is one of my favorites.

Least favorite? I'd say Dragonspyre. It was just so... unmemorable to me. I can remember 90% of the names of characters and dungeons in MB, but not one comes to mind when it comes to DS expect Malistaire. The dungeons to me were boring, and overall the world felt like more of a chore than something I enjoyed. I skipped every dialogue box except for the ones in the last scene with Malistaire and his wife. That was the best part of DS to me

Nov 23, 2011
Least favorite: Khrysalis. It went on forever and the fact that we fight nothing but bugs and more bugs became a little tiresome after a time. Still enjoyed it, though.

Favorite: probably still Avalon, although Mirage is coming on strong!


Mar 05, 2013
Favorite is most definitely Avalon. I love everything about that world. Next would be Dragonspyre, Celestia and Azteca. The rest are all a tossup...I didn't hate any of them, but i swear Marleybone got awful tedious. Haven't gotten through Khrysalis yet so I have no opinion on the newer worlds. I probably never will, as I don't see myself getting through Khrysalis. I hope everyone else is enjoying the new worlds and new difficulties. I just am burnt out on all the cheating bosses and really confused about the Stat change that happened a while back and basically rendered all my gear useless.

Dec 18, 2010
My LEAST favorite world would have to be azteca. I like the storyline, but with all these hard bosses this way and that, it is hard for me to get through (still havent finished it yet )

My FAVORITE would be..... hmmm idk actually. I havent been to all the worlds yet, so I cant completely say. I guess out of the worlds I have been to, I think it might be Zafaria. But I also like Mooshu... and Dragonspyre.... and Marleybone... not as much Krok.... DEFINITELY Avalon... just so hard to choose!

Jul 10, 2011
My least favorite by far is Marleybone. It's just so hard to get around in there without getting caught by mobs. My second least favorite is Khrysalis - it's just too long and feels like it will never end!

My favorite world is Avalon. It's colorful and fun to play. I also love Zafaria and Polaris.

Mar 01, 2015
My least favorite would definetly have to be Krokotopia. It's kind of weird since Krokotopia is the world that is more towards the theme of balance and all that, but it was just really complicated for me ], because the dungeons were really confusing with all the riddles and things like that. Another one i didn't like that much was Zafaria. I found it annoying with all the defeat and collect quests, and also how you would have to defeat like 6 enemies in one quest. I also got really ticked off by how easy it was to just get dragged into battle: then i'd have to flee and start all over again. I really liked Celestia and I am enjoying Avalon, mainly because they are just slightly easier to solo through. DragonSpyre was also definetly a favorite for me.

May 28, 2014
My favorite is Grizzleheim / wintertusk. Love the environment, storyline and Grandmother Raven.

My least favorite is Dragons pyre. The depressing destroyed stuff, everyone is dead, storyline confused mr.

Dec 07, 2012
Althought right now I haven't gone farther than Avalon, even if I did join a long time ago, I would say right now my least favorite is Avalon. Kinda hard for life wizards, you know..? Although, I did really like Marley and Krok! Unlike the rest of the gear in the other worlds, the gear for Marley isn't that bad-looking.

Mar 04, 2016
Favorite is: Wintertusk I love the design story and music of this world it's easily my favorite.

Least favorite is: krokotopia I despise this world bores me so much every time I restart the game on a new character, It takes me 3 or more months to finish (and I finish khrysalis in 2) this world is the only thing that is unmotivating to me when I start a new class but after to few months of stress and anxiety I happily finish the next 5 worlds in a month lol.

Oct 14, 2012
My least favorite world, there are so many. Krokotopia, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre probably. Im not a huge fan of Azteca but its not bad.

Favorites are Wizard city not for any particular quests but the nostalgia factor. Zafaria for the african theme (Makes me excited for Wallaroo, Zanders home). I liked Avalon for the storyline and over all feeling. Khrysalis is ok as well. But my most favorites are both of the 3rd arch worls, Polaris and Mirage. They hit those worlds right on the money, they are my favorite by far because of the story, atmosphere, characters, and the bosses, minions, and quests. Fun worlds KI, keep it up with the 3rd arch cause your on a roll.

Jun 26, 2009
Least, Marleybone. You almost spend the entire world on rooftops. When you think about it house do people even walk down the street to get in all those buildings they are so close together. Gotta hug the walls and squeeze down a narrow alley to get to your building.

Favorite was Mirage pre-nerf.

Jan 30, 2014
I don't like Marleybone
I don't like Wysteria (because I almost beat Tower of the Helephant after 3 hours grinding it, and then KI disconnected me )

I love Mooshu
I love most of Celestia (science center kinda kills celestia for me...)

I kinda like Wintertusk/grizzlehiem (ugh Joutun)
I kinda like Avalon (even though i'm 63. I've been there and it's beautiful.)

Mar 26, 2010
My favorite world so far is Marleybone (I'm currently in Zafaria). I love how the design approach was taken from London and some of its famous buildings.

In regards to my least favorite world, I have 2. I really didn't like Krokotopia; it felt way too long for me. I also really don't like Zafaria that much. I feel like you're defeating way too many of the monsters in the main areas. They feel too repetitive.

Fiona IceDust
Level 77 Thaumaturge

Jan 22, 2014
Least favorite is definitely Marleybone. I felt like there were too many dungeons and it just wasnt fun but it was still fun.

Most favorite is probably Wysteria. I havent gotten all the way through the game right now im in Dragonspyre but so far I very much liked Wysteria, although I still think we should be able to farm Chester Droors.

~Natalie lvl 44

May 12, 2012
Favorite - Dragonspyre

Least favorite - Zafaria & Azteca

Allison Dragongem

Jul 10, 2010
My least favourite world has to be MooShu (so far; I'm in the middle of Zafaria right now). I was obsessed with Grizzleheim for a while (which, for that reason, is my second least favourite world) and as such only finished Marleybone at level 42. Even with my 6 pip spells (Wraith and Helephant), I hated the Ninja Pigs. The questline keeps making you think you've finished, then throwing you into another two hour dungeon and I didn't enjoy it. And, contrary to what some might say, my favourite so far is Celestia due to the amount of depth put into it. I don't get the giant crab in Crustacean Empire, though. Anyone have any ideas on why its there?

Jonathan SkullHammer lvl 62 /

Dec 26, 2016
My favorite world is Avalon, because of the atmosphere (my Red Barn Farm has Avalon music bc I love it so much), the storyline, and the characters (I couldn't listen to Abbot Ewan without laughing and Cassie the Ponycorn is so precious).

I'm only up to Forlorn Tayg, but Polaris is starting to become another favorite, again because of the characters and the storyline.

My least favorite world would have to be Wysteria. It was the first world I came across and kept seeing how much longer I had to go on even though the world was relatively short. I hated how snot-nosed the characters were, acting like they were better than you just because you study at Ravenwood. I really only did it for the extra xp, since I was level 29 in Mooshu at the time, but never again

Amber Dreamflower Level 108
Amber Frostflower Level 2