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Your Gameplay Tips for September 2018

Sep 29, 2017
1. Be sure to do the crafting quests! There is a lot of good gear that will help you in the game that you can craft.
2. Research your pet before you train it! You can see what talents that they can get, what snacks they like, etc.
3. Always look up a boss to see if there are any cheats! That way you can come up with a strategy before going into the fight.

Allison RainShade - 125
Allison SkyWalker - 105
Allison NightRider - 59
Allison RosePetal - 23
Allison DragonFlame - 6

Sep 20, 2017
Visit the message boards if you've any queries about anything!

Chances are that you'll find many wizards who have the solutions to said queries.

The boards are also packed with hundreds of useful content.

Jul 16, 2014
Just because you can fit a lot of cards in your deck does not mean you should. A smaller deck with the cards ya want is usually better and always get the reshuffle spell and add one to each of your decks. You can get the spell from Mildred Farseer here: wizard City- Colossus Boulevard- Colsstone Cottage.

Aug 01, 2011
Find gear that suits your play style. If your more focused on doing lots of damage then defense, then try finding armors and wands that increase damage or critical rate. For Death wizards, a high critical can come in handy for spells that heal half the damage done back.

Feb 10, 2014
If you solo level like me, then make your deck extremely concise with just what you need. The longer you fight the easier it is to die. Have fun

May 15, 2017
Hello Wizards!

I have decided to include some of my favourite tips below:

- Focus on feeding your pet their favourite snacks - usually corresponding to their school! This means you will be able to advance them quicker, especially during double pet XP events!

- It's best to sell items through the Bazaar rather than selling items through your backack or feeding them to your pet. You're more likely going to get the best deals through the Bazaar.

- Found an awesome looking item that suits your wizard best, but the stats aren't too great? Remember you can stitch your items together by vising Eloise Merryweather in The Commons- she can transfer the better statistics onto your better looking item so you can beat the Spiral monsters with style!

- Use a wand that gives you basic, low damage spells different to your main school. This way, you will be able to take any damage weakness off without affecting the blades and traps you worked so hard on!

- Save your training points until you reach higher levels and more worlds, where you will be given more opportunities to use your training points on better spells for your wizard!

- If you face a situation where you have a few power pips and one single pip, try using a spirit/elemental trap/blade costing one pip that turn. This way, you won't waste any power pips.

Thank you kindly for reading all my small tips - I hope they help somebody else around their Spiral journey!

- Nat (aka Destiny )