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Your Gameplay Tips for September 2018

Community! We need your gameplay tips for inclusion in each month's KI Live, just like how we gather questions!

Reply to this forum thread, or one of the social posts we put up over the next few days, and we will select ~5 tips to present on this month's KI Live. Each selected tip will receive a similar amount of Crowns as the 10~ questions we respond too.

Tips should be brief (a short sentence) and of course must be appropriate to all ages and make sense for presenting on our KI Lives. They must also not involve cheats or extensive spoilers.
Only one tip per player per KI Live please. For social, use #Wizard101Tips

We can't wait to see what great tips you come up with!

Jan 19, 2011
Pay attention for member benefits, they help you advance is various ways.

Apr 21, 2009
Try and keep a deck with a small amount of spells. A smaller deck will make it easier to pull the spells you want faster. You can also keep a "Reshuffle" Treasure Card in your side deck if you run out. #Wizard101Tips

Roslyn DuskSong

Dec 22, 2008
There are some spells every wizard should train which will greatly enhance gameplay, like the tri-blade for their school from the balance school tree in krokotopia and reshuffle from the hidden trainer in Colossus Boulevard.

Feb 18, 2016
When a player who is in the battle circle with you and attacks the enemy you can see a symbol next to his health which shows who he is targeting.

Feb 07, 2010
Many sidequests share goals with the main questline, so pick them up, and you might complete a few by accident.

Mar 01, 2009
My tip would be to use battle etiquette: ask before entering a stranger's battle or using someone else's trap, say thanks for healing/blades/shields. All in all-- be polite; it is easier to make friends that way.

Feb 15, 2009
Hi Sparck!

Sometimes a team up with just one other Wizard can be an amazing win and a new friend!

Emily R

Nov 28, 2016
Always do as many side quests as you can -- including worlds that are not part of the main storyline(s), like Grizzleheim or Wintertusk!

Not only will you gain experience and level up easily, but you'll be able to breeze through the main worlds when your level is a little higher! For example, you would find it easier to go clear MooShu at level 35~40 than at level 30~35. The other benefit is that you could potentially be able to battle bosses that give you awesome gear, so there's really no harm investing some time in side quests!

Jan 18, 2010

Players should keep these in mind:

Be Respectful - Often times we get carried away with our words and/or actions. However it is important that we show and treat each other with respect.

Lend a Helping Hand - Many players require assistance (see Team Up Koisk), so, as fellow wizards, try to help however you can, those in need. It may be in the form of giving advice, giving a treasure card or two or questing.

We want to remember as Taylor SwiftStalker so elegantly mentioned on post similar to this,

We may be interacting using avatars, but behind every avatar, is a human being on that computer screen.

Jan 21, 2010
Training all single shields @Sabrina Greenstar in the commons got me through many solo fights.
Training Ice to Tower Shield & Balance Dispel in Colossus Boulevard got me through balance fights.

Nov 24, 2013
Young Wizards in training~

Here's a few useful tips!

1. The first several worlds might seem a bit slow with combat but no so much of story.
The combat gets more interesting later on! Carry on!
2. Make as many friends as possible! Team work later in worlds are VERY helpful and can get you through quests are a more reasonable pace!
3. Remember to have a deck equipped. I kept forgetting mine when I first started playing and well... The rest is history
4. Be respectful to everyone involved! Even if they aren't the nicest to you, Don't fire with fire.

Aug 02, 2014
The name i go by is Blaze StormCloud, so please call me that. I made this account ages ago.

As a life or ice wizard, invest in Storm Spells early on. Once able, use your free training point reset, you’ll be glad it made it easier to quest as a low level.

If you are just starting out, the best school is Death. You won’t have to worry about healing after the beginning, and it does decent damage. Later on you can go for Storm and Life, but save ice for later.

If you buy a bundle, don’t redeem the gear. If you are really low level, save it for about level 40 or 50. If you are above 60, keep your waterworks gear, and save the bundle gear for max level. You’ll thank me!

Every year i like to buy a membership; the only time i do (because I’m a crowns player) is on September 1st. As the celebration lasts the entire month, there are 2 member benifits a week. It’s worth $10!

And lastly, if you can only play on weekends, DO NOT buy a membership. It is worth buying crowns, since you’d have to buy a membership you use only half the time. Otherwise, membership is a good idea.

Jan 21, 2010
I posted one tip already, but I thought of another, so I hope that's ok :D

When choosing you card you can see all the in play cards on other players or yourself by hovering over the icon to the left of each players name.

Aug 12, 2017
  1. It would be more fun if the drop rate of Lore master's spells is high. Everyone, from around the world gather back to Lore Master and try to collect all of her spells in a short amount of time. We will have a fun time together while we collect her spells like we did Christmas in July.
  2. I know that a lot of young Wizards that lower including my balance level 16 and did not unlock Dragonspyre. they try someone to help farm Lore Master but can't team up even know that we did the Lore master's quest. every single day we try to find some max wizard or high-level wizard to help but there is not high change to get help.
I hope KI read this message and change so lowest level wizard who is not level 30 and above, and not unlock Dragonspyre can team up (like high level who had unlock Dragonspyre) form a team and defeat lore master. everyone can be happy for get some help.

Jul 10, 2011
Do the "Zeke" quests in every world to gain training points!

Feb 15, 2017
Even though the grind for gear might be tough- gears from Mount Olympus, Waterworks, Tartarus and Castle Darkmoor are worth the effort!

See you all in the Spiral!

Sabrina GoldenStone (125)
Sabrina WildRider (125)
Sabrina SkyWeaver (125)
Sabrina MoonThief (125)
Sabrina WindHunter (125)
Sabrina TitanHeart (64)

Apr 01, 2013
If you are looking to stitch an item and have no crowns, I recommend you do the FreeKIGames trivias!

They are fast and get your brain working! And you can do 10 trivias a day to recieve 100/day therefore one stitched item a day!

Alejandro/Alexandria Story
Happy Birthday

Aug 04, 2012
For those of you who craft, the absolute best time to farm reagents is right after the Maintenance. The realms are empty and you can jump through the entire list of realms for what you need! And the bonus is wait for members double reagents! Talk about the perfect storm. Happy farming and crafting!

Oct 17, 2010
Feb 12, 2015
When battling a boss that is the same school as you, try packing prism treasure cards in your sideboard, instead of in your main deck. Balance wizards, try Hydra, Chimera, or spells from another school

Brian WaterSpear, Level 125

Aug 23, 2016
When questing ALWAYS ask before jumping into another person's battle.

Why? It is polite and the other person may have just cast a spell that kills the entire mob except for you just summoned.

If you do get pulled into someone else's battle (hey. it happens) make sure you let them know it was an accident and not intentional.

Steven Ghoststalker

Sep 15, 2013
When trying to make the perfect pet, try not to keep training a pet that is not showing the skill you want immediately. Go as far as adult and if the pet has not shown the one or two most important skills you are looking for, re-hatch and try again so you don't waste snacks.

Jeremy Firestaff aka Lord Firestaff

Mar 04, 2012
Research it’s always a good idea to look into the creature Your about to fight or the item you want it’s good to be ready before hand

Jul 24, 2013
Any wizard of any school should make sure to train the Tower Shield (ice) spell and Feint (death) spell as soon as they reach the minimum levels and acquire enough training points. Those spells can make battling easier no matter who the boss or minions are!

Scarlett Thunder