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You Need Crowns to Trade Back Training Points?

Sep 22, 2008
I consider this a bit biased towards the students who buy crowns. What if somebody without crowns messed up and wants to learn a different school? It isn't like we didn't subscribe, otherwise we wouldn't know because we wouldn't have the test realm. I consider the fact that only students with crowns can sell back training points annoying and, like I said biased.

Mar 14, 2009
Agreed, in keeping with tradition you should be able to respec TP with large amounts of gold as well as crowns. At least as a subscriber

Mar 28, 2009
If they made it too easy, then people would be constantly changing their training points to fit whoever they are dueling etc. This would be vastly unbalancing. This way, you have to be 100% sure you want to spend money to fix your wizard.

Feb 18, 2009
I would have to agree, I am not liking that either. I have already expressed this in the Test Realm to the Professors but I wanted to express it here as well since you brought it up.

I don't feel that it should be a crown issue. I feel that Subscriber's should be able to do this without paying more money. Access Pass players and non-subscriber's I could understand but those of us who have spent the money to buy the year's subscription each year should have access to this automatically.

Hunter SilverHeart