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Wow! The new wizard school castles!

Feb 18, 2009
I took a break from playing Wizard101 for several months. So I'm not fully sure when these new school castles appeared. I think it's been 4 to 5 months since I last played.

So I log in, and of course, I don't have a membership, so figure until I get paid, I'd mess around on my lower level wizards. I had purchased with crowns some areas, I forget what areas though (would be nice to be able to see what areas we've permanently purchased :) ).

I look, and discover I still have about 2000 crowns left, which is plenty to get my myth wizard into Krokotopia to start, figuring it would give me a few days play, until payday.

it does, and all is fine. Then I decide to switch to the computer with the bigger screen, and for the fun of it, clicked on the what's new, or whatever button/link, and it takes me to a page on wizard101.com . I see the facebook contest, so I enter it, wondering what a Myth castle is. Figured it was a nice gift. Still didn't realize that we could purchase them. Then I see that they are LIVE!!! For all! And that there is one for each school! So I call my 13 year old son over, and we take a tour of each castle.

WOW! Even my son, who has an account, but doesn't have much interest in playing this game currently, was amazed. So now we both have active paid memberships, and a lot of crowns.

My favorite three are Myth (I love the rainbow bridge and walking on the cloud!), Life (that treehouse is awesome!), and Storm (what can I say, I love storms hehe). Ironically, those are the three main wizards I play. And balance, but I'm not all that into the sand thing.

My sons favorites are Death (which I have to admit is my 4th favorite, it's just too creepy for me :) ), Myth, and Fire (H eloves it big time, the whole being in a fire thing, and the attic with the fire coming out of the ceiling). He plays a death wizard mostly, I think he may have a fire? But death is the only one I've ever seen him level out of Wizard City.

I can't wait to see what is coming up throughout the summer. Spring is here, so I'm anxiously waiting for the pets (as my son is). Sounds like a fun challenge, and added bonus to the game. And then the level cap raise! I was actually about to delete my life wizards (yes, I have 2 that are level 50 - will delete one, when i decide which one to actually delete :) ), but will now keep one. And am preparing others for the secondary school introduction. Celestia, just by name alone, sounds amazing.

I'm so happy to be back!!! Thank you Wizard101 and KI for keeping the game so exciting, even for an almost 40 year old :)