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Wow that was boring!

Jul 03, 2009
brytenshynee wrote:
She called me short. At that moment, I wanted to say, " Good luck on your marriage. "

Btw, why ARE we so short? :(

We are not actually short, it depends on the screen size monitor you have. The monsters are also big, as well as the main person seen.

Jan 29, 2009
rolo527 wrote:
I miss Selena.

I was only able to save her 45 times. I still had 9 wizards to go. :(

Have fun!!! :) :) :)
wow 8) good job

Feb 18, 2010
Sparkle640 wrote:
melcookie925 wrote:
Ok no offence but the Selena Gomez quest was one word: BORING. Here are the reasons why.
1. it was super short
2. it was super easy
3. if you already did the quest the next time you log on it tells you to do it again
4. the enemies had like NO heath.
5. the boss only had about 320 heath. Really? I could kill him in one shot ( because I'm a level 39 life wizard)
6. Selena was a little mean
7. there are so many bad things about it
8. it was boring
Now there are SOME goods things. Here they are.
1. you got to listen to good music
2. you got to go to a cool place( and i mean really cool)
3. you got some cool stuff (treasure cards, Selena stuff, gold)
4. you got to see Selena in computer animation
So I wish it would of been somewhere hard like MarleyBone or MooShu. The enemies had 120 - 220 or something like that. They need to make hard for higher level wizards. This is where the quest should be.
Level 6-10 : wizard city
Level 11-20 : KrokoTopia
Level 21-30 : GrizzleHeim
Level 30-35 : MarleyBone
Level 36-40 : MooShu
Level 40-50 : DragonSpyre
You should earn at least 2 levels during the quest. And a lot of gold. I mean your helping a pop star get home you have to get a lot. And the boss should have this much heath:
Level 6-10 : boss has 700 heath
Level 11-20 : boss has 1,500 heath
Level 21-30 : boss has 2,000 heath
Level 30-35 : boss has 2,600 heath
Level 35-40 : boss has 3,200 heath
Level 40-50 : boss has 6,000 heath
So if your planning on doing the Selena Gomez quest, DON'T. You'll just wast your time.

Hey, look, it's NOT A REQUIRED QUEST! You don't have to do the quest! She isn't going to be there forever so why should KI spend their time trying to make different levels of difficulty? Do YOU know how busy they are??? No offense. This message is probably not going to be posted. Sorry I got mad.
~Miranda JadeBlossom
Master Theurgist

this did get posted if you havent seen it already :P

Aug 11, 2009
likeluigi123 wrote:
rolo527 wrote:
I miss Selena.

I was only able to save her 45 times. I still had 9 wizards to go. :(

Have fun!!! :) :) :)
wow 8) good job

Thank you! :)

But to be truthful - I did it for the XP, the gold, and the items which I sold for more gold! It was a very profitable experience!!

Now, if it had been Professor Falmea that needed to be rescued - I would have done it 1,000 times - no make that 1,000,000,000 times. I would swim the deepest ocean, climb the highest mountain, go to the moon and back just for her smile!

Have fun!!! :) :) :)