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WOW I AM LUCKY! or am i?

Oct 31, 2009
Ok so I was doingt the crimson fields and I raised all the banners and this guy, (level 7 boss) came out after I did the bricktop stuff, I tried to defeat him and I realized I couldnt see anyones health. In the whole dungeon. So I used tempest on him and it did aroung 1000 damage, and it only did like a fourth of his circle. SO IT WAS REALLY HARD. Then I hit him with wild bolt, and this is really weird because wild bolt hit three times in a row, in different battles, and I defeated him, and I got a deseased wild claw and the bodkin dagger, (an athame that gives you a sprite item card)! It was sweet! Im just wondering what was with the health and the acuracy, oh ya, and the enimies were barely hitting.
James greenglade-Level 50 necromancer
Mycin goldcoin- level 50 sorcerer
Gilroy rainbrand- level 37(currently) diviner

May 28, 2009
That boss is called Yakedo. He has 3500 healths i guess. He droped a myth robe i am wearing. That can be a bug or glitch. But sometime it gives good. But don't trust bugs. Send a friendly request to contract support. (I will work there when i got older. If they can accept me, i will even accept rude or bad word include requests!) Bad peoples will be lucky!

Aug 21, 2009
The Boss you fought was secret boss Yakedo in Crimson Fields who appears when the banners are raised and you complete the BrickTop quest. I have fought Yakedo numerous times because lore has it that he drops a death pet. I have not noticed anything unusual ever in terms of health displays or enemy attack strength or spells changing. I think you *were* lucky though to get him to drop a pet and the athame, but it was not a glitch or an unusual event.