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worlds origins

Nov 13, 2010
here is what I think the worlds of wizard101 came from

Wizard City
based on 19th-20th century England: why: cobblestone roads, British accents, carnival areas, castles
schools: all

based on ancient Egypt and the discovery of the tombs: sphinx, pyramids, excavation sites, crocodiles are found in Egypt
schools: includes the three main balance powers

based on London at the time of Sherlock Holmes: dr. von catstien was based on dr. von Frankenstein all things in this world were based on London at the time
schools constant use of electrical power

based on ancient china : residents there were raised by ancient Chinese, ninjas, samurai(samoori in the game) bamboo, clothes, onis are ancient Chinese myth, elephants
schools:many life enemies including jade oni

based on the aftermath of Pompeii, plus simply fictional whims: large volcano, everyone is a ghost, everything is demolished
schools: malistare's home, plus all the dragons, dragonspyre academy only has two school trees, fire and death

based on ancient Vikings and Norway: much Norse mythology is used here, plus all residents are animals that live there commonly
schools home of the ice titan hammer forge, many cold places many lush places

based on much of the artic circle, and very north areas: everything is frozen, many polar bears live here: plot literally includes stopping everything from freezing
schools: home of the frost giant listed above things

based on Mexico: houses are Mexican style, many plants, like in Mexico, grow here, there is a plant called wisteria that grows in Mexico, pigs are found in Mexico
schools : everything is being overthrown by plants

this one was hard, most of it is based on Atlantis I believe, but the floating land was either Hawaii or Australia : your underwater, a water mole is a platypus, much coral like in coral reef, aliens are fabled to have created Atlantis, aliens are common here
schools, : underwater, birthplace of astral magic

based on ancient Africa: African animals, zafaria sounds like safari, African themed everything
schools: ? I really don't know I have never been to this world much

based on ancient Europe during the time of King Arthur the Great : knights, European mythology is almost overused, animals here were found in Europe at that time, I is almost directly following the myths of King Arthur
schools mostly myth: so many myths are used, storm people are invading


Based on ancient American north and south an central mythology, and in the time of the supercontinent Pangaea, or the time of the dinosaurs: mythological central American gods, dinosaurs meteor that killed the dinosaurs is a place you visit
schools ? I have never been here

based on your backyard: insects and mice
schools shadow? never been here

based on ancient Greek and roman myths: gods of Greeks and romans, myth of the odyssey

Jul 04, 2012
I don't think Avalon is based on myth, seems like it would be something like life or death.

~Angela Gem, lvl 82