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worlds, falmea might wanna read

Oct 18, 2008
heres my opinions about the worlds, you can post you think too, tell us how you thought about them, heres my opinion, worlds: longest to shortest

1.krok, 15 levels, level 12 to level 27
2.wizard city. 12 levels, level 1 to level 12
3.mushu, 9 levels, level 31 to level 40
4. marleybone, 4 levels, level 27 to level 31

I just unlocked ds! tower archives

heres how i like the worlds, favourite to least favourite

1. dragonspyre, dragons are cool, i am fire, so i guess its kinda a rule to like dragons, and its in ruins, yeah, cool
2.marleybone, well i really like british stuff, and belive it or not, it is the hardest world, not dragonspyre .( because of kensington )
3.krok, most people say its boring, but i quite liked it, with all the codes and stuff. fun fun fun
4. wiz city. yeah well it is where i have my classes, oh btw, prof.falmea,prince max my heckhound ate my homework, finding the mushu books
5. mushu. well lots of people like it but i have to say i did not relly enjoy it, apart from jade oni, fun fun fun

Matthew frogthron, level 40 master pyromancer, and yes prof. falmea i will get a new homework sheet, i have the last two books to find

Thanks for your opinions on the worlds, Matthew!

Since you have been such a dedicated student, I will overlook Max's appetite this once, just see to it that finish the assignment in question as soon as possible **grin**. Keep up the great work in your studies!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)