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World Order

Jun 18, 2009
Hi. This is not really that important, but do any of you know what the order of the worlds are? I know Wizard City comes first, then Krokotopia, and the final world is Dragonspyre, but does anybody know what comes in between Krok and DS? Is there even any specific world order?


Wizard Alex

You can learn a great deal about all the worlds of the Spiral here:


Wizard City is at the center of all things.
The entire city has sprouted up around Bartleby, the World Tree. Bartleby protects all worlds by eternally maintaining a connection to them along the Spiral.

Krokotopia is an ancient land of forgotten treasures.

Marleybone is the home of dogs, cats, and proper manners.

Moo Shu is a beautiful land with a rich, deep history.

Dragonspyre is an ancient, haunted world in which renegade professor Malistaire has recently been spotted!

Grizzleheim is an airy, outdoor landscape of snowy mountains, glacial ridges and towering trees that is home to three new Wizard101 tribes - Bears, Wolves and Ravens. Grizzleheim is a parallel world that has areas that are of equivalent difficulty to Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone and Moo Shu.