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Wizard101, Thank You

Dec 13, 2008
I remember. I remember first turning this game and getting this feeling I can't describe. I was a child being thrust into a world unknown to me. A world so amazingly fascinating to me. This wonderment, this feeling of doing something new and fresh. This virtual world seemed so real to me, like I was actually a part of it. I felt like the hero of a brand new fantasy book! I'll never forget seeing the minotaur, ninja pigs, and meteor strike then thinking: I want those! But at the same time thinking it is a world i'll never reach. I remember using those rank one spells and being so amazed. Being defeated by the ever so terrible and powerful skeleton boss to exit Unicorn Way. I remember going into Triton and and while going to fight a boss, meeting this girl that used the troll spell and me thinking it was so amazing and my spells were weak compared to that. I remember becoming her friend and then finding out my points were spent wrong so I deleted my fire and made a myth, ignoring I would never meet that girl again. I named him Tyler Strongdust thinking something stupid like: even dust can be strong, just watch! I remember seeing the level 42 spells and thinking i'll never get them. I couldn't get a sub so I fought the kraken until I became level 10 to get my spell along with this guy Blaze. We got our spells and walked into the arena to fight. A death wizard with his level 22 spells beat everyone and I remember being in awe of him.Then it happened, I got my sub and a whole new world opened up! I beat the three streets and nightshade then went to Colossus. I remember being in trouble and Blaze coming to me as if he was the best friend coming to save the hero that is in trouble. We fought together and got to Krok but he stopped playing. I got my level 22 spell and felt so powerful! I got to 33 and another power surge! I took a break to meet all kinds of people! Connor Dreamer(this guy and I could have been great friends if I didn't stop playing after DS), Evan Lotusheart, Justin(what a liar but I guess I was the fool for believing him all the time) Hunter(partner in crime) Wolf, and Kenneth(annoying guy that wouldn't leave me the heck alone... I miss him) After the break I came back and everyone was still there! I did mooshu (I remember trying for that jade oni blade) I got to 42 and learned those amazing spells! I started multiple groups with Hunter (sadly he broke his arm in a crash and stopped playing) Such childish dreams... I'd give anything to relive them! Finally, I got to the final battle, Malistaire. With a group of trusting friends, we defeated him. I walked back to the entrance for dramatic effect. I was a childish person back then, I was jealous and always felt the need to be better. This game wasn't a mission at first, it was an adventure filled with tears, anger, laughs, friendship, hardship, and smiles. I thank this game. I hope it never dies and keeps evolving. I'll never get the feelings I had back then but I'll always remember them.

Oct 31, 2014
Wow this is how I feel about the game.when I feel like I need something fun and adventurous I play this game.i can't stop describing how much I love this game

-Jessica Stormrider

Jul 13, 2013
Wizard101 is a great game, I agree....some people think video games are played by people who want to be someone else, and be greater than they are in reality. But this game actually inspires imagination and promotes being yourself, whatever that is.
I think the best thing about Wizard101 is that it can be played by anyone in the world. Everyone can find something they like about it.
This game is a unique game and I couldn't think of a better one.

Myrna Dragoncloud, Trans descendant

Jul 28, 2013
  • This game is AWESOME! Dragon cloud888, i agree.

Oct 31, 2013
I completly agree with you. When I joined, I saw someone use Kraken and I thought: 'Wow! I want that!'. Then when I got it, I almost screamed. Wizard101 brought me into another place to escape from, where I could be a hero and do what I wanted. I begged my mom for a sub. and she said okay. I played for the whole entire day then. I was exploring, pressing random spells to see how they worked, and not caring if I got destroyed; It was just a different reality to jump into.

Jan 27, 2010
I remember when I first started playing and I saw someone use judgement,I watched in elation and wonder thinking wow that's amazing I then realized that this was the perfect game for me since toontown had shut down.
I now have judgement myself and am looking forward to obtaining RA,I hope this game never ends.

Jul 20, 2014
I got the exact same feeling myself when I first joined Wizard101. I remember seeing a picture of the Spiral for the first time and it felt so magical. Wizard101 is the best game ever and I hope it stays around forever.

Level 33

Jun 01, 2013
yeah, i love this game, i feel identified with this game because i love fantasy and use allot the imagination, and this is the perfect game.

Dec 08, 2013
Anyone who hasn't felt this way about W101 either hasn't played it or doesn't have any feelings.

Mar 13, 2014
That was such a honest magical post. I remember that first day I joined wizard101 and heard the new refreshing music as I entered the game. Sometimes when I go back online, I will hear that music and get the same excited feeling I had when I first started. I love this game, it has so much imagination and creativity. I love being able to make friends and just be myself. I love the adventure. I have learned how to be a better person, how to fix my mistakes, how to move on in life. I know this all sounds odd because it's just a video game to a lot of people, but I feel like it's a lot more. You just have to uncover what it really means to you. Thanks for everything :)
- Gabrielle Silversword

Feb 04, 2012
I remember my first time in Ravenwood, looking at the closed door to the World Tree and thinking, "I wonder what's behind there?" and the first time I was in the Tree, being in complete awe.
A recent memory, I remember finishing Zafaria when Avalon was just released and the joyful feeling of finishing each world and then the sort of, "There's nothing more?" when I finished Avalon.

I have to say even with all those newer games out there Wizard101 is still my favorite.

Mar 04, 2012
Aug 18, 2011
Aug 03, 2011
I agree, Wizard101 is a very creative and great game. While to most people, the creation seems simple, but it is much more complicated than what you may think. Once again, I thank you for allowing me to be satisfied with the game. This is Oni Slayer saying, keep imagining and don't stop to follow your dreams, even if you have failures.

Oct 07, 2011
I feel that feel. Honestly, my first wizard wasn't my best. She was a level 10 ice wizard when I deleted her but she had a full friend list and I talked to all of those people regularly. Wizard101 has been a therapy tool for me, as I have pretty bad anxiety issues around people, so talking to these people who didn't know who I was proved helpful. I still remember leveling my level 100 death when she was in Krokotopia, being defeated again and again because what can I say, I'm a solo player. Wizard101 has actually been huge in my life.