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Wizard101 on Consoles (Playstation4, Xbox One)

Jan 27, 2011
I'm curious, has this been brought up at any of the meetings for new ideas?

I think it would make a very good Console port, as it opens the door to a much wider market, and people can get a feel for the game before they purchase a membership, due to the "freemium" model of game.

It also has gameplay that can translate well, as other genres can have difficulty with control inputs, such as racing games being much easier with a joystick than a keyboard.

One concern would possibly be turning some servers over to console, but with how well Xbox and Sony are getting along, it could very well be a cross-platform game. Even allowing us to log in to our existing KingsIsle accounts would be (hopefully) easy.

The last concern is some new UI features specifically for console, mainly sensitivity sliders, along with other quality of life items.

In conclusion, Wizard101 should be ported to consoles, such as Playstation and Xbox, to open up the game to a wider market, and allow those who play on consoles to experience Wizard101.

(This also goes for Pirate101)

Feb 12, 2015
Hmmm... And what exactly would the controls be?