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Wizard101 on a mac

Aug 31, 2008
I downloaded the crossover free trail for wizard101 and was satisfied, but then the glitches started happening. I am not talking about weird glitches were you are upstairs walk into a wall and then downstairs, i am talking about bad glitches. Sometimes I play and i press teleport and i dont leave. Some times it just freezes up or shuts down. Sometimes it freezes up in battle and i cant do anything. Also sometimes i finish something and stuck in the loading screen forever. Does it stay like this when you buy crossover to play wizard101 or does it get worse. If you dont know, can wizard101 please fix this problem

Sep 26, 2009
I think that since w101 wasnt made for the mac that it still wont work very well evern if there is the crossover. :?

Aug 31, 2008
I know what you mean. But still, I bought the mac for school, and for gaming. Apple always boast how good graphics they have and virus free they are, so i was like cool, good for school and wizard101. I go home to download wizard101, and it would not let me. So when they made wizard101 for mac through crossover, i was happy, but they could at least take the time to make the game have good quality like the pc version. Or they can just switch to mac. Apple makes programs that woks on mac and pc's. I am ok with turning my lab top on and off if the crossover thing does that, but I am already paying for the game. And to play it on a mac i have to pay for crossover and the game. That is just not good.. And if i do pay for the cross over too play the game, i pay for bad glitches and bad quality. I understand what you were saying, but be serios, i think it wizard101 should make the game for both mac and pc without extra cost. This is my favorite game and i want to play it

Oct 27, 2010
If you purchase CrossOver for Mac, you get free support help. There is a special deal code at www.codeweavers.com/via/wizard101 to purchase CrossOver for Mac for Wizard101 players. There is also a forum where you can browse other user problems and solutions. It is not perfect, but it is better than not play Wizard101 at all.

Dec 09, 2010
I am playing using Crossover on Linux and so far everything is working fine. In fact it runs better than on my Windows 7.