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Wizard101 Gameplay

Dec 03, 2010
Ok So I have 720 critical and this guy has 130 block and another has 223 and another had 351 and another has 156 and I am doing 4v4 against them I get blocked everytime I hit with multi hits or single hits even in 1v1 when someone has under 150 block but when I go down to like 390 or 450 critical I get blocked less this doesn't make any sense and I think should be fixed.

Storm Wizard: Reed IronFist

Lvl 100

Jan 31, 2013
Ok look, critical is based on percentage say if you was fighting a low level with like 5 block rating and you have your all and powerful block he still has a 1% chance of blocking ok. Anyone can block even with like 1 block rating.