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Wizard101 finally hits March!

Dec 13, 2008
Finally, Wizard101 is now open on their seventh month, not exactly seven months but they are on the Seventh month.

1. September
2. October
3. November
4. December
5. January
6. Feburary
7. AND NOW TODAY! March!

What do you think they will update in March?
Who do yo think will be visiting us? Pick your ideas and post here!

I think they will update pets, fix bugs, add enemies, add streets, and maybe even add a new world!
We won't know until it updates!

Visiting: I am going to guess it is a little leprechaun guy!
Won't know untill he comes i guess.

Dec 02, 2008
What does the calendar turning to march have to do with anything? Supposedly the next world is scheduled to arrive in the summer. While KingsIsle has proven to be pretty good at delivering content on schedule, another world by the end of march sounds like quite a stretch to me. Even big budget AAA MMOs that spend $50 million on development before release usually can't turn out entire new worlds that fast.

Dec 13, 2008
I can't wait for the newsletter this month! I wan't to know so bad what will be effecting us this month! And who will be visiting us!

Dec 13, 2008
So what your saying is...by W101 hitting March you think it doesnt effect anything? I would think there would be at least ONE update in a month don't you? So i am guessing it does have an effect to us and it DOES matter when the calendar changes. Anyways yes there probally wont be another world for a while, but hey it could happen, and a wizard can dream cant he? Isnt that the point of the game? To have fun, and part of having fun is to dream. Have an imagination once in a while will ya?