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Wizard101 Face, Hair and, Skin Changes

Jul 11, 2009

Hey guys, it's me, Owlgirl8000. So anyway I was wondering, why can't you EVER change your natural appearance in the game? For example, if your a (let's just say) Level 49 Wizard. You are about to be a Grandmaster, and you just don't like your appearance anymore. So you go to a store, or a vendor, or whatever and spend 50 Crowns, or 100 gold. You can change your hair for 25 crowns or 50 gold, face for 30 crowns or 60 gold, and skin color for 20 crowns and 40 gold. Just examples of expenses, and i don't mind if you change them if you make it, but I hope you like this idea. You might've thought of it, but not liked. My idea is you might've not wanted it was because if you changed your appearance, your friends and people you know wouldn't recognize you. Oh yes, and, there are different styles, and colors, you can pick for your hair and skin color. You could also, maybe, dye your hair. But not anything crazy like Green or a weird color. Just a thought, and if you could suggest any improvements, please do. I don't take comments in offense, so if you're reading this, you might as well post of what you think it is. Is it good? Is it a bad idea? Do I need to change something?


Jan 29, 2009
wow, nice idea!!! :) I totally agree with you, and i hope that others will also agree :)

-Keira willowwhisper