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Wizard Holidays :D

Jul 28, 2011
Happy Holidays! (Even though it's a few weeks away)

Sooo I wanted to ask you guys, do you have any wizard holiday plans? A lot of my friends are getting their mount or pet they have been wishing for.

I just bought a "big holiday tree" and put my collection of wizard bobble-heads around it

So what are your wizard holiday plans?

-Angela Dragonstone (And Dragonstone family)

Mar 07, 2009
I've started to decorate my house with reds and golds as much as possible as well as plant some holiday seeds. (And yes, I'm finally going to buy that mount I've been keeping my eye on for the past who-knows-how-long.) Happy holidays; I hope you have a good one!

-Kelsey Spritecatcher, level 52 Thaumaturge

Jun 04, 2011
Mackenzie has been really into decorating her home lately, and so she has decided in the coming weeks to gather enough gold to buy some holiday decor for her Red Barn Farm. Just a tree and a couple of presents scattered here and there .

Mackenzie Stormblade
Legendary Diviner