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Wizard Blox

Jan 12, 2010
okay i'm having trouble with Wizard Blox i would love to get some answers so plz help i go in and play it on my ipod touch and i have a wifi connections and i play it it says congratulations you have one a prize i click on redeem but i never get the gift plz help (and i did fix it up to where it is connected with my account) PLZ HELP !!

Jun 13, 2009
Hi, I had the same problem once... Go to options in WizardBlox and check to make sure that the button is ON witch gives codes. like Code Recive:ON/OFF turn it on :D

Apr 01, 2010
Ok I woold love to get some prizes for my wizard account but I can't figure out were to get the code It says you have won a prize I press get code then i press returning wizard then I log in and it says click here to return to wizard blox and it says press here to use a different wizard101 account do you get your code Dom that screen or do they send me the code to my email i have emailed kingsisle about all this but no reply in three days :( so I figured maybie the wizard101 comunity coold help me so plz help and yes I made sure the option to get codes is on it is lit up and has a star in it plz help I realy won't to get prizes from it o and sry for any spelling errors I am curently writing this on my iPod touch :D