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will the pioneer dragon be available again?

Sep 30, 2009
I am just wondering if you guys at ki are planning to put the pioneer dragon on sale ever again. I would really love to buy one as they are very rare and I read on the wiki that you can not get one by hatching. I would really love to buy this pet or if the wiki is wrong could you guys on the forums or pro. greyrose tell me plz?

This pet was only available to people who helped us during our original game Beta. It will never be available again, in any way.

I'm sorry you missed out, but many items become retired and are never again available, including the Charity items, Veteran's Remembrance Day items, Anniversary Items and other one time promotional items.

Mar 10, 2009
I do love how KingsIsle is so honest and honorable about this. Sure there are things that I wish I could get but missing out on something nice pales in comparison to knowing that I can trust the folks at KingsIsle to keep their word and not go back on a promise just to make some money. They have endured lots on whining and cajoling from those that want what they want when they want it, no matter if they earned it or not and they have always stood firm. This is not easy to do and I applaud you KingsIsle and I am so proud to be associated with and to tell all I know about a company that cares more about their players and keeping promises to them then they do profits.
Well done, *Bows slowly and with great honor* Very well done.

Jul 17, 2009
While I love the special onetime items, it would be nice if they would release other forms of it. An example is the sheep/goat pet. I LOVE sheep, and would have loved one. However I was not a VIP or whatever it was that was eligible. But I would LOVE if they would put it in the crown shop even if they changed the color or outfit or whatever like call them billy goats. (For easter would be a good time KI.) Or the nightmare mount. With the Hobbit coming out they could release nightmare mounts (make them all black with red eyes so they look like a ringwraith horse) and they could have a another cool crown shop item. This does not break their word about it being a one-time item, but gives additional players unique similiar items.
The frontier dragon is another one they could change and make everyone happy. For example, on their next birthday event they can have smaller dragon mounts, maybe orange or yellow in color ) the wizard101 wording colors) that look like the frontier dragon. I think what people loved about the frontier dragon is it looks like our dragon pets.