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Why the Moon School has to go!

Jun 19, 2009
trickster201 wrote:
To KI and whom ever this may concern,
I think polymorphing spells HAS to go. Its not fair to some people who did not gain acces to Celestia yet and cant use any Polymorph spells. I continue to get owned by a certain polymorph spell that is driving me insane!!!

So im just saying its not fair to those of the people who dont have those spells, dont people who gained Celestia have the advantage already? Why add another factor???

Jasmine FrostBreaker
Adept Thautmaturge
Level 26

This makes me MAD. Let me clarify why it IS FAIR. I have even made a topic and I put YOU in it. It is called "Noobs have finally done it" which I made a long time ago so I am not against them anymore.

Well here is why it is FAIR:
1: Us people in cl EARNED this! It is not fair to us if we cannot use our hard earned spells in pvp just cause you can't!

2: Stop complaining and just battle man. Level up and get polymorph spells! Cause trust me, Once you have them and they get removed from you while you are doing pvp, you will be mad.

Please stop complaining about this!!!

James SkullWielder
Legendary Necromancer
~Life is the past, death is the future~

Apr 30, 2010
It's only for six rounds. The highest health one is the gobbler. The other schools actually lower our blue mana. (It does for me anyway.) I love the moon school because if I'm up against some one that's my own school, it helps me.