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Why so little room in the Sun Palace?

Dec 25, 2010
I was just wondering why the limit for the inside of the Sun Palace was only 250? Is this a mistake?

That seams like a really small amount with the rooms you gave us to fill. I for one I have reached 250 inside and I still have 4 empty rooms inside that I would like to decorate. Why isn't it 500 like the other premium houses?

P.S. To those that say 250 is enough deal with it. I'm tired of seeing cluttered houses. I say...it's my house I'm going to put items in how I like. If you don't like cluttered houses don't come to mine.

And to the people who say that 500 is going to cost server space. I say I already paid $50 for my bundle so I think 500 items is fair and that anyone who has bought the sun palace has paid for the server space.