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Why do you love wizard101?

Nov 19, 2010
I was thinking about wizard101.
Every time I think about it, It gets harder and harder to comprehend why I love it so much.
Ill give you a couple reasons why I love it, and then you can give me a couple reasons why you love it.

#1: The storyline. The storyline that wizard101 has is perfect for those player who enjoy the role playing part of the game. The creation of the spiral, the war of the titans, the first arc, the second arc, throughout the game it has created thoughts of what happened inbetween all this. And where your character fits into the story. What's your characters backround?

#2 The life your character lives. If I thought about myself going through everything thats happening, its pretty awesome, going to a school of magic, meeting lots of friends, defeating the bad guys. Who wouldn't want to do that? it creates such a relaxing feeling to the game.

#3 The animation, gameplay, and music: In the 1st arc Kingsisle perfected non elitist gaming, the way the game looked and felt was just the icing on the cake. Jolly music, smooth gameplay, cartoony animation, combine these things with the 1st and 2nd reasons and you have a heck of an mmo on your hands.

So why do you love wizard101?

Jul 28, 2013
Nice Community and nice game.

~Colin StormSlinger

Jul 24, 2010
1. Playing this game has helped me with strategy. I can beat almost anyone at my school while playing strategy games. I am also undefeated in card games, that don't have to do with luck.

2.I love how to travel to different worlds that look much different from the last one you just visted.

3. I like playing the game with other people.