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Why did you start playing wizard101?

Feb 23, 2013
Like the title says why did you start paying because I want to hear your story about wanting to play the game that w all love!

Hunter G.

Jul 03, 2010
I started playing because I had tried ToonTown, Fushion Fall and Free Realms and thought Wizards was more in line with my speed of game play with a little more to offer. The fact that is was billed as a family fun game lured me in also. Sadly my speed is kids games. A happy go lucky, real life escape, with a wizard questing though the Spiral. I liked the structured game play of questing guiding me a long.

Not being a gamer type at all hasn't helped make the trek though the Spiral easy once Celestia came out. I helped many but did my quests solo. At the end of Zafaria I decided to end my Life wizard there. I was still enjoying the game play somewhat and didn't want to tarnish that. I never really felt my style of game play was good enough for others to see, hence I soloed, I also liked complete control over the battles I was questing on.

Fast forward to today - the game has definitely out grown my expertise in what I can mange in a game. I would of never advanced past Zafaria if not for a family member, which I got interested in the game, wanting help with Avalon and then I let them talk me into Azteca. I drew the line at level cap and haven't helped them since, I just live with the guilt.

I went from playing the game every spare minute to structured time frames, no more then a few hours each, the game exhausts me now. I went from looking forward to signing on to dreading having to sign on to just process quests.

I put off making a new wizard and just trolled Celestia Base Camp to help anyone who needed it, pet train or garden as a diversion. When I did make a new wizard I put off questing with it. I think I am on my absolute last lap of the game now. I think Wizard101 has a lot to offer for new players but some of us original ones have or should of moved on a long time ago.


Jun 17, 2011
To be honest, whenever I saw commercial for w101 (before I began playing) I would always be like, "Fairy powers and magic. How stupid is that!" But then my friend was showing it to me at her house and I was a little iffy, and then my other friend who was level 42 at the time was showing me all the cool features she had unlocked (this was at the time of level 80 being the max) and spells etc. Then she showed me pets and Mooshu. My friends (IRL) do not play anymore because they could no longer afford memberships. Their wizards are very deeply missed.
After watching them play I decided to give the game a try and succeeded in hooking my brother Logan LegendHunter and he is now level 93. We then got my dad David GriffinCaller to play and he is now level 69. And finally after much persuasion we got my mom Llewella LotusPetal to play and she is also level 93. Then you have me Grace DreamRider level 83. My brother quit because he got "bored" but my mom, dad, and I still play.
This game is tons of fun, Thank You KI for creating such an awesome thing that brought my family closer together.

Mar 04, 2010
Well you know since I basically have no life and have hours to bust I thought it would be cool to start this wizardy game i saw in a advert.
XD I've been playing for 5 years and I still love it
Though, within those 5 years I still haven't managed to get a life but I think it's cool the kinda life you start to build inside w101 :)

Aug 20, 2008
When they were doing beta testing for the game, my mom was like "Hey, come play wizard101!" and I've been playing since. With long hiatuses. So I'm only level 90.

Sarah DeathBringer - Promethean Necromancer

Feb 20, 2012
Here's my reason
I was looking for a game that was fun and a mmo
I searched on the internet for a game and i saw wizard101
I downloaded it and started playing it on my first account ( this is my second account)
it was fun and i had loads of enjoyment! (Sadly i quit it for one year)
I downloaded the game again after a year on my new account
Then i hanged out with some people and they showed me how fun this game could be!
Now i love this game and I never wanna leave it! James ShadowBlade 24

Dec 17, 2010
Couldn't agree more.

Well, four years ago one of my friends told me about Wizard101 at school. And I was like What? A game on the computer? What the heck?! Then, one year later, another from from school was telling me about it. He said that Death wizards can get into a secret cave behind the waterfall in the Commons (Nightside). At the time I didn't know every wizard can go into Nightside. I forgot about the "secret cave" when I made my wizard and I choose a Ice Wizard (my favorite color is blue). Then I remembered about the "secret cave" and deleted my wizard and made a Death Wizard. When I found out I couldn't go into the "secret cave" I decided just to stick with the Death Wizard. I wonder how my Wizard would be if I kept that Ice Wizard...

-Nick level 100
"Child of Light and Shadow"

May 11, 2012
I started Wizard101, because I love the Harry Potter Series, and this game seemed to fit in with my love of magic and all things wizardy and wasn't as hardcore as other games out there.

I agree a lot with what Northlite says. I loved the easy, breezy feel of the first arc and spent time playing the game when my child was in school and then playing after school with her for a while after her homework was done. The second arc sent me for a loop-where did my light, fun game go? It became more work than fun. Now, my child has had me cancel her membership (it became too hard for her), and I went from logging on a couple of time a day to logging on every couple of days and not even looking forward to it any more. It seems to be more for hardcore players now, which is exactly what I don't want in a game. I have been stuck in Avalon for over a year now, and don't see me ever getting out of there and seeing the new worlds. I just don't have time for dungeons that take hours and hours, even with help. I rarely quest anymore (though I would love to if it wasn't such a job). I just come on to tend my garden and see if the few friends on my list that haven't quit yet are on. I wish Wizard would go back to the roots which made the game so great to begin with.

Autumn FairyDreamer Level 79

Aug 18, 2011
My kids got into it first. They both liked it, which is unusual as they have very different taste and personalities. I joined them (to see if it was safe *cough*) and got hooked.

Feb 24, 2013
The bottom line reason I got into wizard101 was because my old school was bad. That's the bottom line. Then my mom made me transfer to a new school where I made new friends. One of my new friends (Who is still my friend after 6 years) got into wizard101 and 3 years later he started begging me to join. I kept saying no, because it looked weird to me. Then on his birthday he was playing and I came to watch him, and my mind exploded. It looked like the amazing game I had been waiting for. So I joined. I made 15 different wizards that night, but only one lasted, my Archmage death (Who obviously wasn't Archmage at the time).

Gavin MythBreaker lvl 83 (Almost to AZ )

Blaze FireSlinger lvl 33

Gavin MythBlood lvl 15

Sep 19, 2013
When Disney closed Toontown (still hate them for that), I decided to try out a new game. I checked out Wizard101 because the ads made it look very interesting. It was. I am now a Promethean Necromancer, wielding a Frosty Stare Tiki Torch and almost full Hades gear (just need the hat). My mom also plays (she's a level 85 Diviner) and my sister.

Jan 23, 2011
Well first it started with seeing a commercial that pulled me in. Then It was the quiz I just love taking quizzes to see what they'd put me as. When I took the quiz the first time I got balance but I switched to Ice finding it more of my style. I wanted to be defensive, to make sure I would survive. Power alone isn't gonna keep you alive.

In other words I chose to play because it seemed interesting from what I heard and I needed something to distract my mind or keep me from bordem. It was also the mystical side that pulled me in, the magical side. I don't want something that's straight forward, completely realistic I wanted something creative, something with the fantasy in it. Sometimes what's real isn't enough, sometimes it is what's not real. What one can imagine that pulls you in to the new world of fun.

Isn't that after all what's kept Humans themselves believing. why we invent, why we strive for more. It's for what could be that made me play.

Megan Stormmask lvl. 45

Feb 23, 2013
Man my story is kind of weird but many years ago when they had there first commercial I loved it because well I love mages or wizards I prefer mage anyways I did not even finish the show I was watching I made a account of course I did not know that some areas cost money so I left but I did not forget about it and 4 years later guess who's back and this time I could pay for it. So Hunter G. was back from the past!

Hunter G. says never forgot

Feb 26, 2012
I started playing because my daughter was playing a lot and I wanted to see what she was doing, as well as having a way we could play something together.

I loved it, and wound up playing more than she did. I loved the whimsical, fun, "young wizard" energy of the game. As Autumn Rain said, it had a lot of the early Harry Potter feel to it. It had a great story line, a good mix of questing and other activities, a fun combat system but one that was not overbearing -- it was all around a delightful game. Very refreshing.

I still enjoyed it well into the second arc, but not as much as in the first arc. My daughter got really turned off once we got to Celestia. For most of that world, she did housing, and I would sometimes help her along if I could cajole her to quest, and sometimes I would just play her character for her to get her through it. I think it has taken her about a year to get through, maybe more. She seems more interested in Zafaria now that we just got there.

Azteca nearly killed it for me. I came close to just cancelling membership.

Since then, the energy of the game has shifted from the light whimsical magic we started with, to something much more serious. It also seems more blatantly money-focused, leeching us with henchmen and crowns-needed items for success, and expensive housing options. With that, too, a lot of the players have become more serious, less kind, less helpful. It is all around less fun. It also seems that less people are playing now.

I still play a fair amount, but I do miss the delightful feel of the earlier game experience.

Apr 11, 2012
Hello Awesome Wizard Finnegan Again Wind Rider!!

I had seen the Wizard101 advertisements in the corners of my screen many, many times. I guess finally I got sick of seeing the ads and decided to try the game. I was impressed by the 3d environment and interactive features of the game, and got hooked.

So that's my Wizard101 story. What's yours?

Thank you Awesome Wizards,
Miranda Thunder Gem
"Nothing is permanent in this wicked world. Not even our troubles..."

Feb 07, 2011
put simply, i was never a gamer. but my boyfriend at the time (ex now) was, and had been trying to get me to join him for years, without success.

well, one day, i got home from work and he was playing something i didn't recognize. he said, "you like harry potter, you should play this game with me". and i was like, not my thing, i don't game... but still, it was harry freaking potter. so i made an account and quested with him.

by the end of krok, he went back to his old games (like wow and swtor); i was without a questing buddy now, but i kept going. by the time that relationship ended, azteca had just been released and i had soloed the game through avalon.

this game still remains the only good thing to come of that relationship, lol.


Jul 11, 2013
About three years ago, my little brother's best friend came over to play and showed us something called Wizard101. Thought it was weird at first with all of the "fairy magic". Before his friend even showed us, I saw the Wizard101 commercial on T.V. At first, I was like, " What is this?!", but when I saw the commercial , it sounded cool to play. I love this game so much!!! I can't believe KingsIsle had a good idea to make this!
So, I started to play and I really got into it. I created a myth wizard, and my brother created a fire one. I think I was level 42 before my brother and I forgot our username and password, and when I didn't know how to get to MooShu. I just gave up. But, we created new accounts last year, but with different names. I mostly played everyday(that's my addiction). His friend really convinced us.

Sep 09, 2010
I started playing because it seemed really fun in the commerical

Dec 30, 2012
Well, like many here, I started out on Toontown when I was about eight. This was about 2007 or so. I loved the game, and had plenty of fun with my classmates.
After a year, I was introduced to a new commercial on my TV, a commercial for a game called "Wizard101".
Being the immature nine year old that I was, I immediately refused to join due to the fact it had unicorns and fairies. I also thought the idea of talking cows being teachers was strange and dumb.
One of my buddies made me a free account, and convinced me to play. I was having so much fun I got to level 10 in two days, and joined mid 2009. My friend and I soared through the game and I remember jumping up and down as we defeated Malistare for the first time.
Then came 2010 (Or was it 2011?) and Celestia was released, ushering all new challenges.
And to this day, my friend and I, both being fifteen, still play.
We beat Morganthe and are excited for Old Cob, who awaits us in the near future.

May 07, 2014
i joined cuz my friend dared me. i thought it was weird but once i tried it i thought it was coolkeira lifepetal

Jul 13, 2013
I played Toontown for two and a half years and loved it. Like . But Toontown was doomed to close down. They never had any updates and people were leaving the game one by one.
So I got bored. There were no updates and really I had been playing for two and a half years and it was growing old.
I needed an MMO home.
I saw wizard101 on a commercial a year ago during the summer. I was like, I've seen this commercial tons of times, I'm bored out of my mind, I should probably give it a try.
And then I played it.
I was literally begging my parents for a membership on the first day.
Wizard101 is like a second Toontown, except better! There are more things to do, more places to explore.
And Toontown was okay without a membership, but Wizard101 is very enjoyable even without a membership since there are still soooo many things you can do.
So yeah, been playing for a year, can't imagine a better game.
Myrna Dragoncloud

Oct 10, 2013
I am so NOT a gamer as I am so uncoordinated--by the time I figure out what buttons to push, I'm dead!

I was looking for something to do as I was growing tired of hidden puzzle games and the like. So, my son, who had been playing Wizards for years, thought I'd like it. He was right! This is my guilty pleasure and I look forward to my Wizard time every weekend! Besides, it's fun to play as a family!

Scarlet Roseblossom Wizard 53

Dec 05, 2012
in the commercial i was like there is no way i would like graphics like that. i thought it would be lame. but then i played the game and it was great. i used to have a few friends who played. they quit but i still love the game.

Aug 20, 2011
In my case, I had just read an interesting article comparing pay-to-play games to free-to-play alternatives that were based on the same concepts. Wizard101 was being described as the "free alternative" to World of Warcraft, and I thought, ok, let's give it a look.

My old computer was far too slow to run Wizard101, but I always remembered that article. When I finally got a new computer, I downloaded the game right away and signed up for a new account, and the rest is history. I'll be 3 years old in a few days.

Jan 27, 2010
What first drew me in was that I'm a Avid Harry potter fan and I saw that the game was school separated like In the HP universe also what really sealed the deal was that once I started playing and questing it reminded me of one of the first MMORPG I ever played and had a subscription to which is good ol toontown the nostalgia alone kind of got me hooked.