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Why Did U Make Character that Looks Like U?

Aug 10, 2009
I made a Fire sudent,Alexander Dragontamer, that looks like me because the personality type suits me best, I like spicy foods, and I love dragons.
Tell me why you made your character(or characters).
Alexander Dragontamer(me), Thomas Emralddust, Malorn Croweyes,
Ashley Strongflame, Suri Stormcaller, and Fiona Legendforge

Oct 25, 2009
Well, originally I made a character. A thaumaturge named Erica BlueBlossom. Because my name is Erykah, and since no website with premade names ever has my name, I settle for Erica. Blue because my favorite color is blue and it matches the Ice Wizard outfits. Blossom because it's good alteration ;D I don't like how her face and hair look now, I was a little younger when I made her.
I left Wizard101 for a little bit, but then I came back and made a new wizard. Erica SparkleCrafter, a storm wizard. I picked storm because it's pretty neat and I always loved the cards. She doesn't really look like me, because she has purple/pink hair xD I love this wizard a lot though :DD

Sep 19, 2010
I made an ice wizard because I just ADORE winter time, I mean sledding, skiing, going inside for hot chocolate and sweets :D! Well my name is Cole DragonRider because I just like the name Cole and DragonRider because someday, just someday, I'll get a permanent dragon mount!