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Why did this bundle retire?

Dec 08, 2012
Everyone knows the Epic Bundle right? Well, my question is, why exactly did it retire? Why did Kingsisle stop selling it? Was it too easy to get the Commander Appearance gear (for the boys anyhow)? Was it not being sold enough? Like, did not enough people bought the bundle to keep it up and active? What exactly is the reason for it being retired? I would like to know exactly why it got retired and also, will it ever come back? Another thing, can someone tell me when it retired? I'm not sure if I started playing Wizard101 after it retired or before. As you can see on the left underneath my Message Board Name, I started to play on December 8th, 2012. Did the bundle retire before or after December 8th of 2012? And once again, can someone that has been playing for a long time tell me when it retired and if it will ever come back? Also, if it's retired on Wizard101.com, is there any other possible way to get it or is it retired from all possible websites you could get it from?

Our bundles have a life cycle:

  • First they are available in retail stores in the USA
  • When a new card comes out, then the old card is usually placed for sale on our website at https://www.wizard101.com/game/prepaid-card
  • After a period of time for sale to all our players, the bundle is retired from the website and can no longer be purchased as a bundle.
  • Individual items from the bundle may become available in the Crown Shop for special promotions and events.

Mar 18, 2009
Keep checking back every now and then. Epic Bundle items were recently featured in a Throwback Thursday sale, so I would expect sometime in the future that bundle or items in it will be featured again.