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Who is Stormlord?

Apr 06, 2016
Is Zeus Stormlord? Or is Stormlord Zeus? I don't get it to be honest. The spell Stormlord for storm wizards shows what appears to be Zeus, only he's not an eagle. And Zeus is an eagle... So I'm kinda confused.

P.S: I didn't know where to put it because there is no Aquila section.

Jun 04, 2009
So technically, Aquila stuff should go under the Wizard City tag, as it states it's for "Talk about Wizard City and the Dungeon Zone of Aquila.", but that's just semantics.

As for the actual question, it does look like your traditional Greco/Roman depiction of Zeus/Jupiter. Storm Lord features lightning bolts, long white hair and beard, toga, gold bands and arm pieces. However, while most of this does fit the Zeus description in game, I don't think that Storm Lord and the Zeus of Aquila are the same person. The whole not being a bird is a big point against that. This is of course unless this ends up being some "One god, many forms" thing like the myths of Zeus turning into animals such as a bull, swan, eagle, etc.

However, I did some research, and according to Halston Balestrom in the beginning of the Storm level 48 quest, Storm Lord is the Storm Titan. He says "It's the Storm Lord spell I speak of...summoning a Storm Titan to do your bidding!". See the dialogue at the bottom of the page here: www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Quest:Component_Opponent. Personally, I always thought that the Tritons were the Titans of Storm, I guess my memory was off?

Jan 27, 2010
The spell could be showing Poseidon/Neptune instead of Zeus (I'm not sure about this though).
Nonetheless, in the game Poseidon/Neptune is also a bird (Poseidon Earth Shaker in Atlantea), so I'm just as confused as you OP.