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Who is better? Storm or Death?

Dec 15, 2010
I have a level 28 about to beat this world, and a level 32 almost there. What school is more enjoyable in the long run?

Aug 28, 2011
I think is the more tactical school, but it's more fun going in and destroying everything as a . Both don't get nukes (aoe spells) until level, 48, from what I've recited. can sap health, increasing survivability drastically. Storm has the lowest health in the game. has fairly weak attacking power, while has the best in the game, rivaling with , whom can deal more damage over time. My wizzy has soloed everything so far (I'm at Timmy Icepick in Marleybone) but so has my . I think that'll change soon, when the cheating bosses come in..

Just remember. All Schools are equal. There is no "best" School. They are balanced in many ways. Daniel Fireflame, Level 95 , and Daniel SoulSlinger, Level 22 .

Nov 27, 2011
Depends on you, get tempest (AoE) at level 28 but Get scarecrow at level 48, so you get AoE in both schools but faster in , my Wizard has Mastery and have sandstorm. So I use that. Also you can farm lore master to get deer knight If you get deer knight I must say you would be overpowered (and lucky)
Hope this help!

Aug 25, 2013
let me give you some advice since I have maxed both

i LOVE death. it's a great school to solo. you can deal damage and heal at the same time, and although you wont have the raw power of storm, you will have higher base damage*, and you can craft deer knight later if you wish (which is what I did)

Storm is a beastly school to say the least. Power power power is what storm is about. But I still always prefer my death unless i'm farming for something in a low level area.

If you are gonna solo, and if you enjoy tactical even paced battles, pick death.
If you are gonna solo, want battles to be fast paced and high risk, pick storm.

If you have friends helping you, then you can't really go wrong with either. A life friend is unbelievable helpful to a storm wizard. Or you can wait til you learn healing current some 60 levels later in Avalon and then critical to earn 3,600hp back xD I was fortunate enough to have a Mega Frankenbunny on my storm by level 2.

Quite personally, as previously stated, I love death. the spells are more to my liking, the health swap, and the overall death personality just seems to fit me. Good luck with whatever you choose and hope this helped out a bit.

John RavenCatcher - lvl95
John StormWalker - lvl95
John DragonPyre - lvl51
John FrostShard - lvl42

"Bambi is my old name.
Now.. Now they call me Deer Knight."

*edit: higher base health

Jul 03, 2010
pizzaisgood293 on Mar 27, 2014 wrote:
I have a level 28 about to beat this world, and a level 32 almost there. What school is more enjoyable in the long run?
If you don't have any help in game Death is easier to get by with solo. I currently have a Storm wizard I have totally soled with and am at the end of Celestia - altho I can still solo battles I am finding they now take a little more thought to get though with out defeat now and then. With low health you don't have a lot of rounds to "think" about what to do you have to be doing it. Death is way more forgiving for this. Blade, trap get health back - woot woot.

I enjoy playing storm for the shear power of it but as an all around school it is a little more work. I too like my Frankinbunny on this wizard and am currently working on one a little more helpful as I progress into Zafaria.


Jul 08, 2013
there's really no better school honestly they made sure the schools had there ups and downs like storm has the best attack power in the game but it fizzles a lot for example

Justin moon runner

Eric ice talon

Sep 17, 2012
pizzaisgood293 on Mar 27, 2014 wrote:
I have a level 28 about to beat this world, and a level 32 almost there. What school is more enjoyable in the long run?
I disagree with the previous posters. It really depends on your play style. I found Storm much easier for solo and team play than death. Death takes too long to get it's AOE for my liking and it's pretty weak. The plus side is that it heals you when finally do hit, if you survive long enough to get those 8 pips. I did solo my Storm and Death through the end, but I definitely needed a lot more help on Death. Storm I really needed no help except Belloq and Xibalba in Azteca. That being said, it again goes back to what you find enjoyable. Storm is fast paced, blade, hit and run tactics. Death is much more slow paced, you do little damage so you either need a lot more blades/traps or you must use multiple attacks. The battles definitely go much quicker with Storm because in a long battle you lose because low health.

Aug 15, 2012
I think overall, death is better because of no drastic flaws such as storm's accuracy. You are guaranteed to survive most of the time with drains, rather than a chance of an overkill and a chance of being defeated.
Saffron Sandsword

Jan 11, 2012
As seethe said, it really depends on how you play the game. Also, death does take a long time to get an AoE. What I did on my death was focus on critical block as early on as I could (resistance would be better than critical block). That being said, on my L100 death right now, he has a 21 global resist and 221 critical block rating. If you're going to continue to play death, ONLY bring life sap spells, so every hit heals you. That is the key to death school. by doing this, you can simply outlast even the worst fights because you can life sap. There are very few fights in the game I can't solo. Also, keep in mind, if your style of play is to be a support school, there's Dark Pact, Sacrifice, Empower and the Plague spells.

Dec 03, 2012
pizzaisgood293 on Mar 27, 2014 wrote:
I have a level 28 about to beat this world, and a level 32 almost there. What school is more enjoyable in the long run?

I own a level 18 death but know plenty of people who own maxed out deaths and enjoy it. If you are like me, power is not the main part of fighting: it's more than that. As the power storm has gets higher in level 40 and up, the health and the accuracy is a big drawback. i have owned 3 storms and really didn't enjoy it due to the low health, and how much my spells fizzle.

However, other than death there are some schools that do great in the long run. I have a level 90 balance in Azteca and have had barely any problems with her. Fire is another school I admire, though the accuracy is low it doesn't fizzle very often.

If you choose to level up your storm to max level, then stack up on gear that helps your health and your accuracy. Storm's best spells are tempest and storm lord but you don't have storm lord yet. If you choose death, get a secondary school that has lots of blades (such as balance).

I hope you put this post into consideration. Good luck on leveling up one of your wizards.
-Molly level 90

Sep 07, 2011
Those are both great schools. Death can do pretty much anything. With health swaps you can solo almost anything. With universal buffs, a heal, and spells that weaken the enemy you have many ways to help a team. Storm is less versitile, but has the strongest, fastest attacks, so it is fun (though a bit risky) to solo, and the ideal hammer for a team.

Feb 04, 2011
well storm has strong damage but you have barley any health and with death the spells are not as strong but you have a lot more health.

Oct 01, 2011
I have tons of friends in the school of
but im sorry but im staying true to my own school,
s the best

Feb 07, 2011
i have high-level storm and death wizards, and i like them both, for different reasons.

my exalted has awesome stats. the gear combo i've chosen for sestiva has made her strong offensively, while still being a defensive powerhouse: her resist is the same as my necromancer's, and her accuracy and crit block are the highest of all my wizards.

because i work odd hours and can't usually meet up with friends due to time restrictions, it's important to me that i be able to complete quests myself. so i decided to forgo critical in favour of big defensive stats; therefore, the fact that she has 3400 health does not necessarily mean that she will die in combat~ she can heal and buff herself, and she blocks criticals that a lot of her teammates can't.

(i don't have any hades gear for her, either~ it's a combo of drops, crafted items, and a crowns wand i found in my shared bank)


my promethean is more tactical; i love playing valerian because i enjoy the strategy required to make him an effective offense.

i didn't really learn how to maximize his full potential until he was around level 50, but he has staying power. i never have to worry about him in boss battles, because of his awesome drain spells; death is the only school that can hit and heal and the same time and, if done right, it's very effective.

a lot of people complain that death is weak. but my guess is that those people just haven't yet realized how powerful the school really is.


that all said, i'm a storm wizard at heart. i'm creative and ambitious, and there's nothing like just walking in there and stomping all over your opponents with all the tenderness of a dragon titan!


sestiva stormblade, exalted
valerian deathwhisper, promethean