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Who do you play with?

Feb 07, 2011
clbowens wrote:
:D I just met someone who I have been playing with for about a week, and we make a great team.

It makes the game so much more fun than playing by yourself or with random players.

We just finished Dragonspyre and now on to Celestia.

His name is Wolf MythHorn
My name is Olivia Seaflower

I wonder if he will ever see this?

It's nice to find someone like this. :) I recently reconnected with an in-game friend I hadn't spoken to for a while, when I joined up with him and his friends for a Waterworks dungeon-run . Most of my buddies in-game are in a different time-zone and our schedules don't sync up, but it just so happened that he was online that day, and we discovered that we make a great team- he's introduced me to a lot of cool people as well, and we are all around the same age, so questing with him is a lot of fun. I usually work alone, but soloing can be so terribly lonely...

The group I mentioned: Matthew Lifebringer (the guy I mentioned above), Morgrim Skullstalker, and Adam Stardreamer- these three guys were the dream-team I never thought I'd be lucky enough to find. Long dungeons and horrible, cheating bosses (even Estrakir Gloomthorn) have nothing on our awesomeness. :P

Happy questing!

Laura Shadowsong
Lv. 60 Balance

Jul 25, 2011
natenkate wrote:
They only thing is, stuck up or not, I will not accept friends with menu chat only. Sorry, but I get tired of "HELP! PLEASE! HURRY!" and porting only to find they are fighting a weak boss with 3 other people and I just left a tower dungeon to help them.

I'm new and I've had this happen to me once too many times. It's super annoying (I mean, a hello first or a please somewhere wouldn't hurt).

None of my RL friends/fam play, which is no fun. I run into a few people while questing and enjoy that. I'm always willing to help people as long as I can (I'm still far from legend).

Eric Earthwhisper - 37 Myth
Luis Icewraith - 4 Ice