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Which wand.

May 07, 2011
I recently obtained the Grandmaster Artisan badge, so I decided to look at the Wintertusk crafted gear to see what I could make.

I now have two wands;

Blistering Baton:
+30 Critical Rating
+ 1 Power Pip
5 Major Blaze cards - 120 Fire damage.

Eyes of Judgement:
+1 Power Pip
1 Weakness card - -30% to next damage spell
1 Black Mantle card - -55% accuracy
1 Infection card - -55% to next healing spell
1 Plague card - -25% to next damage spell to all enemies
1 Smoke Screen card - -45% accuracy to all enemies
1 Disarm card - -Remove 1 positive charm
1 Pierce card - -Remove 1 positive ward

Any help on which one I should use?