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Which should I choose?!

Nov 05, 2011
Recently, I have been wondering whether I should delete my storm (level 10) and recreate it into a myth.

Ever since my ice character has started pvp I have noticed that minions are incredibly useful. And we all know myth focus on minions, and storm's minion is quite bad.

The main reason I want to create a myth/storm character is for pvp. But I worry if I choose storm it'll rely too much on luck with the accuracy but with myth I fear that I'll struggle in mooshu because of the many myth enemies.

I would really like some opinion here. I am having too many arguments in my head about this :?

Jasmine icebringer, sorceress
Natalie jadeblade, theurgist
Caitlin WinterHeart, thaumaturge
Isabella nightshade, necromancer
Uh, myth/Storm character.
Alex dragonheart, pyromancer

May 24, 2012
My Pyromancer has a minion and I'm not that fond of the option. He takes your pips so you have to really have them piled up before you summon him. I prefer to solo, so with him in the circle your duel takes twice as long. Try one and see what you think. I guess I just like to strike and be done.

Oct 22, 2011
My Storm wizard is only Level 32, and I'm already frustrated with him.

I've been leveling up my Myth, and she's doing pretty well. She's at level 41 right now, and still in Mooshu (I do all the side quests in all the worlds). I find it's not so bad fighting the Myth mobs and bosses.

Myth has average health and average damage attacks. The non-fizzle is at 80%, which isn't great, but much better than Storm. At the level I am now, I have 4 Minions I can use .... Puppet (0 pips), Troll (1-3 pips), Cyclops (1-4 pips), and Minotaur (3 pips). These have come in handy, especially against a Storm that casts a Myth shield, and even against Myth mobs & bosses.

At lower levels, Myth has access to drop & Bazaar gear that increases damage and accuracy. It's not much, but can make a difference in a fight, especially the accuracy.

Another wonderful thing about Myth, is access to Astral-type enhancements to boost your attacks. You can get those in the Bazaar ...... Strong (+75), Tough (+100), Giant (+125), and Monstrous (+175). Pop those on one of your attack spells, and BOOM, increased damage to your attack. You can use these for any level Myth. These enhancements are Myth spell-specific only.

The AOE Frog will be a staple to your attacks. Converts will be used a lot against Myth mobs & bosses, but you will also have a 'remove positive shield' (I forgot the name), that comes in handy against Myth and Storm enemies.

I enjoy all my wizards. I have an Archmage Balance & Ice, a Grand Master Death, a Master Myth, and my other two lower levels, Storm and Fire, although I might delete my Storm and replace him with a Life wizard.

Each wizard school is unique, and each one is played differently. It's a challenge to learn the ins and outs of each one, but that's what makes this game so incredibly fun.

I hope I helped!

Jan 13, 2010
I would say keep your storm. Trust me, after lvl 50 and 60 storm almost has full accuracy. I am a balance wizard but my friend is storm and he has 24 accuracy for storm, 86 damage, and 80 critical rating.

May 19, 2012
I think gear plays a big part into accuracy on storm, because my storm is level 53 and still fizzles a lot, wearing gear from the Epic bundle. Still, she doesn't fizzle nearly as much as she did wearing in game gear, and I imagine once I can get Wintertusk gear she will get even better. I won't give up on her yet, as I see the potential for her being quite powerful once I get gear that enhances her accuracy.

Feb 07, 2011
As of now, my Storm wiz is level 49~ myth is 21, but I haven't bonded with him yet, and he's my least-played character.

The first time I made a Storm wiz, I deleted her, out of sheer frustration with all the fizzling. Some time later, I made another one and love her to bits~ because my first wizard was a sorcerer, Storm's high damage (and constant fizzling) caught me completely off-guard... and I love it!

If I were you, I'd forgo Myth and keep going with your Storm~ be warned, it does take patience. But, in the right hands, a Storm wizard's power can be deadly.

(If you PvP, go with Myth~ because they're a support school, much like Balance and Life, just spam Earthquake at your enemies... Cue the false reports! LOL.)

Either way, good luck and have fun deciding!

El Veeb/Shadowsong/Sestiva/Patrick
the Archmage of Awesomeness

Nov 05, 2011
Just for the record, I'm most like to get this character to about level 35ish and then start pvp. I am not intending to level this character 40+.