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Which school now?!?!?

Apr 12, 2010
Hello wizards from wizard city and beyond...Please help I have a lvl 78 storm and now I want to create another character but I don't know which school! I also have a 35 ice so if you think I should continue him...Right, so below I shall put why and why I dont want that school.

Balance- I like the health. I like their spells from "Helping Hands" and up. However I have heard negative comments about balance like " the only good spell is judgement."

Death- I have heard good comments about death about them healing while attacking. Thing is I am stubborn and don't really like their spells cause they kinda weak ( well at least the beginning ones are ).

Fire- I like their spells and with their DOT ( damage over time ) can be even stronger than storm ( at least without damage boost it's stronger ). But people say fire people have low health and accuracy.

Myth- I like their spells and minions and piercing. People say they have moderate health others say they have low health.

Ice- already have an ice as I said and I like the health and resist very much. But the attacks are weak and my battles take long. Should I continue him?

Life- I like their health and really like their ability to heal. But don't have many attacks and attacks they DO have are weak. This is a school I really wasn't gonna consider but I hear good comments about it so why not?

So there, please help and I wanna lvl the wizard up, not make it a warlord. It would be awesome though. It would also be awesome if I could solo stuff with him. Like stuff my storm couldn't. Well please help and thank you for your time. :)

Jul 03, 2010
Continue with the Ice - you have a good start already - may as well see how it goes. I have a level 40 Ice and she is coming a long nicely - I plan to buy the Sun Spells to boost her spells at level 50, I already have the blade from Niles.

You would be surprised how well you can tweak a wizard no matter what school to make them quite the threat to those monsters out there.

Oct 22, 2011
Balance - it's a tougher school to train and learn all the nuances, but more rewarding when you get to the higher levels - L60+. This was my first wizard, and it took me a long time to learn the game and the school at the same time. My wizard is now L80, and I have lots of fun with her. Health can be pretty good, and with the right gear, all the stats are very 'balanced'. I did solo her the entire game (with the exception of Waterworks and Helephant Tower).

Death - I'm finding my Death wizard is pretty cool. This is one school that can easily solo. He's great at providing his own health while dealing damage, which is a great bonus. My wizard is at L53. It does take quite a bit of buffing to do some serious damage (at least at this level), but I'm looking forward to seeing how he does at higher levels. Pretty good health right now, with damage boost at 38. I look forward to crafting some gear and/or Waterworks gear to see how his stats improve.

Fire - He's only at L11 right now, but I look forward to seeing how he can improve later on. Frustrating with all the fizzles. I can't wait to get some of those awesome, potentially high damage, spells.

Myth - So far my Myth is a little frustrating at the lower levels. She's at L21, and I've had to use minions more than I have with any other wizard. Of course, Myth is known for their minions, so I plan on taking advantage of it throughout future game play with her. My health so far isn't bad. Damage is mediocre. She fizzles more than I like, but that will change at higher levels with better gear.

Ice - She's a tank. She has soloed the entire game, including Waterworks. The only thing she didn't solo was Helephant Tower. At L80, her health is at 5501, and if I switch gear, she can reach almost 5700 health. Crafted gear works better for her. I use the Sidhe wand (crowns), so her accuracy and power pips are high. Accuracy is at 101%, so she never fizzles. The hard part is keeping damage boost up to a reasonable level. Right now, she's at 42% damage, which isn't great, but I sacrificed other stats (like resistance) to keep it at this level. Damage spell base is low, but once you start adding in Gargantuan or Colossal, with a couple of blades, the damage can be pretty awesome (for Ice, anyways).

Life - I don't have a Life wizard right now (since I have only one membership), but I would like to have one at some point. You can't beat the fact that Life gets all those healing spells.

My 6th wizard is a Storm, and since you've already been working on that one, I refrained from listing it.

Happy choosing!


Jul 28, 2010
Well I can tell you now no spell can compare in damage to storm. If you are looking for fast fights go with a fire because they are the second strongest in game when it comes to damage not to mention they can be great in pvp. If you aren't looking to go into pvp I recommend a death I myself am an arch age necromancer and I am loving death. I do play pvp and I am a commander death isn't the easiest to play in pvp but is arguably the best solo school in the game. Due to deaths moderate health decent accuracy and spells that heal you as you attack make death born to solo. I would pick death since through out deaths leveling you will have good spells that will work. Some schools go through phases where they aren't too good but death really doesn't have that problem.

The only other great solo school is ice but ice really isn't good in low levels they only get real good when they get there universal resistance which is like at lvl 60. After that they become tanks who can solo just about anything.

I hope I helped good luck with your wizard.

Dec 20, 2010
Since your storm is your main character, you've probably gotten used to quick battles due to your powerful attacks. While the other schools don't have as much attacking power as storm does, they all have more health, and more accuracy until higher levels. So if you're wanting to make a character of a different school, you're going to have to "adapt" to that school.

Balance has more good spells other than just helping hands and judgement. They have shields to every school (except balance, ironically), and with helping and availing hands, they can be defensive, and help others. BalanceBlade and Bladestorm are other good cards that can strengthen any attack move, balance, life, and storm alike, and Bladestorm to all allies. Balance also has spectral blast, and hydra, which are fire, ice, and storm damage, which are good for balance enemies since balance has no prism. Same with chimera. The only real major problem is having no balance prism.

Death- It's spells may look weak, but death gets many traps, and blades that can make those attacks hit about as much as storm's attacks, ( but not quite).

Fire- Shouldn't be much of a problem for you because your main character is storm. They do have low health and accuracy (at the beginning), but they get more health and accuracy and storm. However, you will have to wait for the DOTs to finish the battle.

Myth- Myth's focus is on minions, and I will say, they help. They have about as much attack as fire, same with the health, but a bit more accuracy. However, they have no high pip area of affect, ( such as storm lord), so mobs later on can be time-consuming.

Ice- I would suggest continuing him at some point if you got him that far, but not until you feel like it. In 3 more levels your ice can get iceblade which really helps. They may not be strong, but slow and steady wins the race.

Life- Life is mostly meant if you play with others, or like helping people. They tend to keep others and themselves alive, and let the others do the killing. However, they're attacks are stronger than ice's. However they don't get an AOE until level 58 when they get forest lord.

All of these schools are good schools. They may not all be your "cup of tea", but in my opinion, you should give them all a try at some point.

Feb 26, 2012
Okay dude i recomend doing myth, I have six charecters balance level sevinty eight, and myth, life, death, storm, and fire all level ten or below. notice any missing ya ice i dont say you should stop on ice but its not right for me. I also saw one missing from yours, storm why is this storm, is pretty powerfull even though it fizzles every other round it also has a good healing eventually. For you i recomend continuing on ice or starting a storm of myth. Like i said my myth is low but still is doing some good attacks and you get two minions in the first ten levels so help there, i recomend not doing balance if you plan on bailing if you plan on going through with the schol then i have too recomend it although the spells are not the best (and we have no prism so it is hard to fight other balance people) they can do a lot of attack if you stack blades and traps right. balance can be pretty helpful too with our blades traps and healing spells, also life could be ok my sister has a life charecter and if you stratagize right like she does then you can beat any boss and colect all your spells easily and keep yourself alive at the same time hope i helped a bit or at least narrowed it down. :D