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Which school is best for me?

Aug 15, 2012
Hi, I was wondering which school I will really enjoy playing because the results given by the test aren't really accurate. I don't think that the school I am should depend on what gemstone I like or what my favorite season is. Usually I play with one or two other people and sometimes a full group but mostly with only one person. I like being capable of large attacks but I hate always worrying about whether I'm going to die. Also, I hate tanking and don't like feeling useless in the battle where my only job is to sit there and take damage. I figured that myth would be a good fit but it doesn't really have any good attack all and Is really rely on those for mob fights. I liked balance but on my first balance wizard I quit out of boredom on Zafaria mob fights because Ra took FOREVER. If, you guys have any suggestions on what school I would enjoy playing please post!!! Also, if you can think of a school appropriate last name for the school you pick post that too. Thanks!!!

May 22, 2009
Myth is really good for both group play and solo.

I run two accounts and have a myth on each. Both are exalted.

When fighting in groups, I become the shield remover, and Minion disposal. For MoB fights, I spam the humongofrog. Add a sun boost and a blade and you can usually defeat MoBs quickly. For boss fights, I use my single hits.

I soloed most of the worlds on one of my myth wizards. The other I quested with a friend who used a death wizard. Both of us were surprised on how well those two schools did together.

I would suggest trying each school to see which one is the right fit for you.

Jul 25, 2012
Even though you said balance was annoying with the Ra thing (although I find that quite hard to believe) I think that if you do not want to feel useless in battle you should stick with it. With my balance if I am helping others out, I shield, heal, blade and trap the enemy without having to fight myself. It's just my opinion though so yeah.

Aug 15, 2012
Ok, I was also considering fire which has no real bad points. So myth, death, balance, or fire?

Aug 15, 2012
I was thinking along the lines of: silverflame, silverblood, shadowflame, shadowblood, silverword, or swiftsword for my last name. It's really hard to think of neutral names that won't give anything away in pvp.

Jul 05, 2014
Fire is good. They hit amazingly and they don't have the least amount of health. They don't have highest health but it's decent.

Sep 17, 2012
glowstorm13 on Sep 22, 2014 wrote:
Ok, I was also considering fire which has no real bad points. So myth, death, balance, or fire?
Fire does have it's bad points. Mostly damage over time is a weakness for solo PvE in my opinion. Every school has it's downfalls, that is Fire's biggest. It's especially a problem when facing Fire bosses. If Fire had a multi-prism like it does for traps it would be different. Fire's most powerful ability is DOT, but it's also a weakness.

Jul 17, 2014
is amazing attack, and NOTHING else basically, good secondary, bad support

is great health, really useful member of a team, good first, good support

is ok health, good attack, ok secondary AND first, bad support

is good health, good attack, ok healing, great first. TERRIBLE support.

is good health, good attack, cool minions, ok support, useful.

is great health, bad attack, amazing healing, great support, good secondary and first

good health, ok attack, great at buffs, awesome support, good first, and second

First: school of focus

Secondary: whatever school you are spending your training points on.

This all depends on who you would be the most fun wizard to play. Do you want to be the person that does a lot of damage, the guy that you just cant seem to kill, the person that is good support, etc.