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Which School Do My Traits Match Most?

Jul 15, 2013
Hello, Spiral travelers! I'm looking for help on which of the seven schools my foremost traits match. Most of the time I'm loyal and according to my friends and family I have a big heart. I can be rather lazy though. I like being with other people and enjoy playing with or in the water. I'm also told I'm quite creative. I also try to be optomistic when I can. I'm usually happy. Thank you for listening to my babble! See you in the Spiral!

Jun 17, 2011
You fit in many categories. The test will determine it for you but here is my top 3 schools for you.

1) Balance - Loyal, Caring, Believe in Equality. They can aid all schools and are good to solo with.
2) Storm - The element of water is what this school revolves around, they tend to be fast to act and do great damage when they do so. These wizard's have low health so it is hard to solo at a lower level
3) Life - Nature, outdoors, all things good, caring, deep thinking, clever. Heal others when necessary but can also do great damage with patience and creatively played cards.

Hope this helped
Grace DreamRider

Jul 15, 2013
Thanks, Grace! I really appreciated your input.