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Which School...?

Feb 25, 2013
So, I've decided to make a new character so I can do quests with my sisters. One is death and one is life. I'm not going to make another storm, so other than any of those, which works best with a combo of death and life?

Nov 17, 2013
A good school to supplement a Wizard and a Wizard would be . has blades and traps that affect all schools, and Spirit Blade, which is +35% to the next , , and spell, and Spirit Trap which is +25% to the next , , and spell. So, yeah, hands down, .

Good luck!
Autumn ShadowRider, level 42
Allison SkyLeaf, level 50

Jul 05, 2014
Maybe consider ice or balance. I suggest those cause I think the strategies would be really good. Just think!

( If you do balance ) : Defense, weakening, cool spells. :)

( If Ice ) Defense, pretty decent damage, good at staying alive in battles

Life : healing, good damage overall.

Death : cool spells, heals and attacks at same time! weakens healings.

I just think if you have defender/weakener, a healer, and a attack and healer it'd be really good!

Sep 11, 2014
Oct 09, 2011
Well, anything will do well, but I recommend Fire, just because it's a fun school :P

Jun 16, 2011
Try Fire! It can pack a punch with enough accuracy! And the spells are so beautiful! I really like being a fire wizard, and I think more people should try it . Post what school you decided on :) !

Jul 29, 2012
With life and death not being the best hitters, a stronger school would be an awesome addition like fire (since you don't want to do storm) my brother and I are a life and death team and we work with one of our friends who is an ice wizard and we are a really good team! I think balance is also a spectacular choice in making a team with a life and death wizard. Balance can buff like crazy which would be awesome for your sisters to work with. plus balance learns some really cool spells! so I suggest fire, balance, or ice, but I would probably choose balance or fire.