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Which is your class that that you picked and why?

Feb 02, 2015
Why did you pick your school and why because I picked life and the reason is that I like high accuracy to cast your spells and heal people that are in danger plus its one of the useful classes in wizards.

Aug 01, 2009
Chose balance because I can buff other players (as well as Myself) balance can deal with dynamic situations, and it is the most unique school, making it the most fun, challenging and most interesting to play as, I have other characters, this is just the one i mainly use.

Evan starblade level 63

Dec 19, 2009
Choose Storm because of the high attack so it's easier to finish off bosses quicker even though it fizzles a lot. Is my secondary school because it buffs my storm Attacks quite nicely. Balance also has decent accuracy and good spells that use more than one school element (hydra).

Dec 08, 2010
I'm not so sure why I chose Storm. I think that it just had a nice appeal. I can't say that I like frequent fizzling nor low health, but high damage is very good to have. It also pairs well with Life spells.

Oct 24, 2012
I chose the Scool of Death because I am kinda emo, and like horror movies and stuff.

Jul 26, 2014
I chose because I'm kinda obsessed in the Judgement spell.

Feb 23, 2015
I like to do things on my own and allows me to do just that. It is an incredibly flexible school and any balance wizard who utilizes their training points wisely will rarely, if ever, encounter a situation they cannot overcome.

Spent training points on Death for Feint and Infection. I can one-hit almost anything with Judgment because of this and, if someone does survive, Infection makes recovering from my damage very difficult.

Spent training points on Ice for Tower Shield. It is a must have spell for any wizard regardless of their school. It also stacks nicely with Spirit Shield and Elemental Shield, reducing attacks to 25% damage or even less if I use Weaken.

Spent training points on Life for Satyr. It is the strongest healing spell that can be obtained through training points and can be cast on allies as well as myself.

I'm going to spend future training points on Sun School spells to augment my spells and I plan on waiting on auras until I can get a really good one because you can only have on active at a time.