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Which house is your favorite?

Apr 08, 2009
My favorite house is the Wysteria Villa.

What's yours?

Feb 29, 2012
My favorite house is definitely, without a doubt the Tower of Winter Winds. It's huge, beautiful, and awesome overall. But ya never know, the Aquilan Bundle I saw at GameStop might have an even more awesome house.

Emma Stormshade,Transcendent Sorceress

Jul 03, 2010
I have no problem out fitting my wizards with the Playhouse. It seems to fit my needs for what I need.

When I have gold to burn I don't mind buying the "farm" - no pun intended. I do find it has more room then I really need though.

May 22, 2011
Red Barn House!!
its simply great in all aspects
we can farm,do housing , can put pets in cattle sheds and lots more!!! Plus its available for gold

Jan 14, 2012
Mine is the sultans palace I think It's the 4 best house in wizard101!
My sultans palace is full I have all the Avalon and Aztec packs in it!
I love giving my friends tours!
I sit there only on pc touring my friends for hours!
I vote my house is the best sultans palace ever!!!!!!!!!!!
Thing I have in my house:
A tree house thing outside I got from a pack and a kitchen,living room,bathroom,my room,party area,crafting area,awesome fly trap army and jails.
Outside: tree house camping area lots of fire feathers because I am school.
Plants,trees,cut down trees, carpet rug glitch,a car :O a mount area, all my pets are trapped in a gate thing
And awesome entrance!!!

Level 42 wizard Eric golden fist

Sep 11, 2011
good question. I would say the wisiteria villa too. it was my second house and I really enjoy it. I've made it a pretty cool place.

Feb 07, 2011
Jul 28, 2011
Sultans Palace. It's retired though, but I bought the bundle before it was

Its HUGE and royal, and it has a really cool oasis to keep my piggles safe

I also have my very own genie

Since I am a sultan, I need a kingdom, so I am working on making one

Dec 05, 2012
my favorite house is massive fantasy palace, it is so huge with a dueling arena and the island that you can see the whole house from :D and the secret passages and with the sewer with the door at the end. and the beautiful ravenwood music. when I got it I was so happy to have a house that big and cool! blaze deathward lvl 55 grandmaster pyromancer

Feb 06, 2010
The crafted house from Avalon. It's small and cozy and my style.